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Safety hazards and preventive measures of fabric duct during installation

Safety hazards and preventive measures of fabric duct during installation


The fabric air duct is a flexible air delivery terminal system made of a special flame retardant fiber, which is mainly used in cold chain logistics, pharmaceutical storage, machinery and electronics, sports exhibition hall and other industries, and is suitable for all kinds of high space environment without ceiling. Compared with other air ducts, its outstanding advantages are light weight, convenient construction and reduced labor costs. But the installation of fabric air duct is not a simple physical labor, but also requires the installation personnel to have professional skills, excellent psychological quality, in order to make a perfect project. This article briefly introduces the safety hazards and preventive measures in the construction of fabric air duct.

Hidden danger # 1: Falling from high altitude

Fabric air duct is mainly suitable for tall space, so most of the installation is high altitude work, so high altitude fall is a dangerous construction.

Preventive measures: Installation personnel must have the quality of courage and care, and do a good job of safety protection measures, always equipped with safety belts, anti-skid shoes, and a person under the supervision, in order to reduce the risk of falling from high altitude.

Hidden danger # 2: Mechanical damage

The mechanical tools commonly used in the construction of fabric air duct mainly include hand drill, Angle grinder, cutting machine, electric welding machine and so on. So mechanical damage is also a common one.

Preventive measures: Before using such high-speed rotating tools, always check the quality of the drill bit and cutting piece, and replace them in time. In the process of use, pay attention to avoid hands, gloves, clothes involved, do not be distracted.

Hidden danger 3: electric shock

Every construction site is not without electricity, electric shock is one of the more common accidents.

Preventive measures: The construction of fabric air duct is often used with small power tools, so it is necessary to check the wear of power cord frequently to avoid the leakage phenomenon of hand-held tools. When you need to move the cable during admission or changing the working face, try to contact a professional electrician for power transmission.Protective measures should be taken for outdoor cables during construction in rainy and snowy weather.

Hidden danger 4: Other injuries

Other injuries that may occur in the construction of fabric duct also include welding burns, cold storage, field sharp instrument scratches and so on. We need to pay more attention to ourselves and prevent them from happening.

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