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Selection criteria for thermocouple sensors?

by:JVTIA     2022-01-24
As we all know, there are many classifications of thermocouple sensors, so when you use thermocouple sensors, you must pay attention to choosing a thermocouple sensor that meets your needs. The selection of a thermocouple should be based on four aspects, including the use temperature range, the required accuracy, the use atmosphere, the performance of the measurement object, the response time, and the economic benefits. 1. Temperature and accuracy. When the temperature is between 1300~1800℃ and the accuracy is relatively high, the B-type thermocouple is generally used; if the accuracy is not high, the atmosphere allows the use of tungsten rhenium thermocouples. If the temperature is higher than 1800℃, tungsten rhenium thermocouples are generally used. Couple; The operating temperature is 1000~1300℃, and the accuracy is relatively high. Available S-type thermocouple and N-type thermocouple; generally use K-type thermocouple and N-type thermocouple below 1000℃, generally use E-type thermocouple below 400℃ Couple; T-type thermocouple is generally used for measurement at 250℃ and negative temperature. T-type thermocouple is stable and high in accuracy at low temperatures. 2. Atmosphere S-type, B-type, and K-type thermocouples are suitable for use in strong oxidizing and weak reducing atmospheres, J-type and T-type thermocouples are suitable for weak oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, if they are used, the airtightness is better The protection tube has less strict requirements on the atmosphere. 3. Measuring object The temperature measurement of moving objects, vibrating objects, and high-pressure vessels requires high mechanical strength. The atmosphere with chemical pollution requires a protective tube. In the case of electrical interference, higher insulation is required. 4. Response time Thermocouples with large wire diameters have better durability, but have a slower response. For thermocouples with large heat capacity, the response is slow. When measuring temperatures with large gradients, under temperature control, the temperature control is poor. It requires a fast response time and a certain degree of durability, so it is more appropriate to choose an armored couple.
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