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Sharing of air supply application in university gymnasium

Sharing of air supply application in university gymnasium


Project Overview : 

The stadium is a main stadium in a university in a city, the school is the main local sports school, adapt to the society to provide better sports facilities for students, so a large stadium was built to meet the needs of daily sports activities and teaching activities of the students. At the same time, the stadium is also open to the public during weekends and holidays, for social sports enthusiasts to come to exercise. The gymnasium includes basketball court, natatorium, badminton room, table tennis room, gym, lounge and so on. As the largest basketball court is surrounded by seats for the audience, after the completion of the construction of the museum, we need to provide corresponding solutions for the air circulation of the museum.

Project Difficult :

The stadium is a large sports stadium, in addition to a large area, the stadium is high, and the top steel structure is complex, the upper space obstacles are many, in this case, it is necessary to air seats and basketball hall, accurate wind speed, which is not a small difficulty for our company. Our staff went to the site investigation, also put forward the corresponding solution.

The Solution :

Air supply form: small hole air supply, air supply uniform and comfortable, annular installation above the seat seat, can achieve accurate air supply.

Fire rating: B1 permanent flame retardant, high fire rating, more than 15 years of service life

Under the condition of large temperature difference and high humidity, there is no cold condensation

Flexible fabric air duct will not produce condensation from its material selection, design principle to avoid. Duct is the main reason of the condensation tube, outside temperature difference, in the cold wind, warm wind, the changes in temperature double system, flexible fabric air duct in this project adopts micro seepage form, infiltration of cold or hot air through the surface, around the pipe to form a protective layer, let the cold and hot air can't contact on the pipe wall, guarantee the temperature difference is not big.

Installation form: double row suspension with parallel steel wire, short installation period, flexible layout of pipelines on site.

The forming effect is beautiful and generous, and integrated into the top steel structure, and integrated with the building.

Light weight, in the top of the steel structure of the structure, will not produce excessive pressure, and next to the pipeline, set up a staff corridor, convenient cleaning every year.

Noise reduction, soft material, no resonance, quiet operation, no noise impact on the audience.

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