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Sheathed platinum thermal resistance

Sheathed platinum thermal resistance


Sheathed platinum thermal resistance is a type of temperature sensor.lts diameter is less than of assembly platinum resistance.Easy to bend and good anti-vibration,it is suitable to the places where the assembly platinum resistance cannot be fited.The WZPK series sheathed paltinum resistance produced by our company adopt the importd paltinum resistance element for thermometry,having the advantages of accuracy,sensitiveness,short thermal response time,stable quality and long service life.

Sheathed platinum thermal resistance has stainless steel outer protection sleeve and high-density oxide insulator filled with the tube, having strong anti-pollution performance and excellent mechanical strength. Its suitable for installation in the places with poor environment.

Sheathed thermal resistance can be used to measure the temperature within -70~600, and can be used by connecting copper conductor and secondary meter directly. It can provide accurate temperature variation output signal for display instrument, recorder, adjustor, scanner, data recorder and DCS system due to its good resistance output property. It shall comply with JB/ T8622-1997 standard. 


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