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Should pay attention to the selection of the NTC thermistor content

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
NTC thermistor is one of the common types of thermistor, is to develop more mature early, variety and development of sensitive element. NTC thermistor is mainly composed of semiconductor ceramic materials, has a certain application in multiple industries. Users in the selection of the NTC thermistor for it also need to pay attention to the selection of key points, the following project is to introduce specific NTC thermistor for everybody to choose the point, hope you can help to you.

the NTC thermistor is made of semiconductor materials, most of the negative temperature coefficient of resistance decreased with increasing temperature. Temperature changes can cause greater resistance to change, so it is the most sensitive temperature thermocouple sensors. But the poor linearity thermistor, and had a lot to do with production process. Manufacturers to a standardized thermistor curve. Thermistor volume is very small, respond to changes in temperature. But the thermistor need to use a current source, small size also makes it to the thermal error is very sensitive.

temperature measurement using thermal resistor when the choice, please click the following projects to choose

1, use the

temperature measurement, temperature records, temperature control, temperature compensate and other

2, using the environment

in the atmosphere, water, sea water, steam, acid, alkaline fog other

3, reliability test project

cold heat exchange, steaming, water resistant, resistant to vibration resistance, heat resistance, cold, and other test conditions

4, use temperature scope ℃ ~ ℃

5, shape and name and size

6, resistance to KQ + - %, at ℃

7, B value ( Please according to the introduction of products to choose

b℃℃) =K±— %

8, thermal time constant second to second, environment.

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