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Take you to understand what industrial thermal resistance is

by:JVTIA     2022-03-25
Industrial thermal resistance is a temperature measurement made by converting temperature changes into resistance changes. The thermometer has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, stable performance, high measurement accuracy and sensitivity, remote signal transmission, convenient automatic recording and centralized control. In special cases, higher or lower temperatures can be measured. System composition Temperature measurement principle Edit thermistor thermometer based on the principle that the resistance value of metal conductor or semi-metal conductor is within a certain range and the functional relationship of Wentong. Implement temperature measurement. The relationship between metal conductors and temperature can generally be expressed as where Rt is the resistance value at temperature t; Rto is the resistance value when the temperature is reached. α is the temperature coefficient of resistance (this value varies with temperature and can only be approximated within a specific range). The relationship between resistance and temperature of most semiconductors can be expressed as RTu003dAeB/T (8.4-2). T is the thermodynamic temperature (K); RT is the resistance value at temperature T; e is the base of the natural logarithm with a value of 2.71828; A and B are constants whose values u200bu200bare related to the structure of the semiconductor material. Category Editing Industrial thermal resistances are the most commonly used temperature detectors in low temperature regions. Its main features are high measurement accuracy and stable performance. Among them, platinum thermal resistance has the highest measurement accuracy and is not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, but also becomes a standard reference instrument.
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