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Temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor applications in the pharmaceutical industry is analysed

by:JVTIA     2020-11-10
Thermocouple temperature and humidity sensor is applied to all walks of life, especially in the pharmaceutical industry application is very plentiful of thermocouple temperature sensor, medical equipment is very sensitive to the requirement of temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity thermocouple sensor has played a very important role, thermocouple engineering detailed introduce for everybody below temperature and humidity sensor in the application of the pharmaceutical industry.

applications: stability test

quick test drugs, in order to obtain the product stability, packaging, and warranty information, humidity instrument is not only used to control ( Transmitter) Also monitor ( Transmitter or data recorder) These conditions.

environmental test chamber is used to produce acceleration conditions.

applicable products: transmitter, recorder

application: production

production field attaches great importance to environmental changes. Since there is no software to generate the function of continuous data, individual data collector, especially the chart recorder become unnecessary. Easy to use temperature and humidity recording device can provide real-time data and reduce the cost.

applicable products: handheld transmitter recorder table

applications: monitoring of raw materials, finished products, the relative humidity in the powder or tablets can guarantee the quality of the product.

are usually low humidity is an ideal environment to powder and tablets, some water activity instruments use gel polymer thermocouple sensor, cannot be used in the relative humidity is lower than 10% of the environment.

animal housing condition is strictly controlled, including relative humidity. In clean animal housing need to wash with water, so the instrument should reach IP65 protection grade level.

applicable products: transmitter, recorder, meteorological products

applications: humidity is the determinant of clean room environment

the clean room environment monitoring system ( EMS) Conform to the requirements of the regular and provide third party certification, instruments contain the user requirements specifications.

use products: transmitter, recorder, handheld table

applications; Transportation, freight vehicles and storage facilities

a medical institutions usually requires its freight representative monitoring facilities, and notify any adverse condition.

applicable products: recorder, portable table

applications: research and development, at all stages of drug discovery has humidity monitoring; In the laboratory, materials, and materials in the experiment facility relative humidity monitoring.

when a drug test and get the production license, means in the demonstration of the accurate method can fully applicable in formal factory

applicable products: transmitter, recorder, portable table, water activity

applications: building control system ( BMS) To provide air conditioning area are temperature and humidity control.

industrial transmitter usually used in high humidity environment of air handling units ( AHU`s) Portable devices are typically used to spot area and the pipe.

applicable products: transmitter, portable table

this is engineering provide the temperature and humidity of thermocouple sensor applications in the pharmaceutical industry, we can according to the above content for reference, the user should put the instrument used in a good environment and regular maintenance, can improve the accuracy and reliability of the instrument and prolong the service life of equipment.

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