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Temperature controller full troduction from factory

by:JVTIA     2020-12-22

The temperature controller of dry-type transformer adopts high performance PT100 sensor, which is the control device to ensure the safe operation of dry-type transformer. The instrument design new, compact structure, firm, eye-catching display, intuitive, with a more perfect system protection, parameter saving and output instructions and other functions. Its unique temperature overlimit alarm, overtemperature trip; The alarm output of load break can better ensure the safe and efficient operation of unattended power supply system.

1. Traveling display of three-phase winding temperature or tracking display of phase winding with highest temperature (switchable at will). Any road beyond the preset point will start up the fan.

2. Realize automatic or manual control of the start and stop of the cooling fan (it can be switched at will).

3. Fan start and stop, overtemperature alarm, display, output and remote transmission of overtemperature trip signal.

4. Prompt the sensor for open circuit, short circuit and beyond the measuring range; Fan disconnect alarm and output.

5. Three-phase temperature correction.

Scope of application

It is used in all kinds of high and low voltage switchgear, dry transformer, box substation and other related temperature application fields.                                

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