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Temperature instrument selection method of thermocouple junction box is what _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple is one of the temperature instrument is mainly used for temperature measurement, the scope of application is very extensive in multiple industries have certain application. Everyone in the use of thermocouple temperature instrument for it is the need to master all the knowledge, including the selection of the thermocouple junction box method is very important, users must know. The choice of the thermocouple junction box method has the following five kinds of 1, thermocouple waterproof connector: use in damp or open place, thermocouple is factory standard configuration. 2, explosion-proof junction box: thermocouple used in flammable and explosive place, explosion-proof thermocouple ( Explosion-proof platinum resistance or explosion-proof copper resistance) The factory standard configuration. 3, thermocouple plastic box: use Yu Youqiang corrosion sites, platinum resistor is anticorrosive factory standard configuration. 4, thermocouple stainless steel box: this is a kind of the high cost of temperature sensor junction box, exquisite appearance, usually used in corrosion protection or flammable and explosive place. 5, integrated temperature transmitter is special junction box: integration of thermocouple temperature transmitter with temperature transmitter
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