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Advantage Electronics
Custom temperature monitoring and control instruments with custom packaging, control sorting and data-
Communication skills.
Alba Enterprise Co. , Ltd. See Hot-
Runner component.
Advanced Test product model DT-130 temperature-
The range of measuring instruments is from-
100 F to 1999 F, fast response, standard industrial type-
K thermocouple probe, resolution 0. 1 or 1[degrees]
And LCD display.
Optional probes include general purpose, surface, air-
Gasoline and subcutaneous injection
DT models are also available
136, dual-input version of DT-130. Model AM-
50 is an LCD industrial multimeter with direct temperature reading capability40 F to 800 F. Features over-
Low range indication
Automatic battery indication
Zero in all ranges, reverse-
Polarity Indication and diode-test range. TPK-
Type 59 K thermocouple model AM-52, 57, and 59. Optional on AM-
50, 53 and 56 models. ANALOGIC CORP.
Model AN2402 1/8-DIN panel-
Temperature Controller with front
Settings, calibration, and operation of the panel selection.
Wide input range of thermocouple, 1 [degrees]or 0. 1[degrees]
Resolution, C-level or F-level scale and programmable filter.
Options include dual interface, dual interface
Relay setting point and analog output with independent ratio.
There are also models AN2406 1/8-
DIN controller with 1 [degrees], 0. 1[degrees]and 0. 01[degrees]
C resolution of 2-, 3-and 4-
The wire RTD measurement has the same option as the an2402.
Anderson technologies udc 700 digital controllers reliably control less complex processes in spacesaving 1/32-DIN size.
The unit has a universal power supply and input, two local settings and meets the following criteria4/IP66 front-
Panel protection.
Optional devices include RS485, Modbus communication, or a second alarm relay.
The device can be used to control the temperature and other process variables in applications such as oven, molding and extrusion, dryer, packaging machinery, etc. Micro-processor-based low-
Cost UDC 1000 and UDC 1500 digital controllers are fully dedicated to monitoring temperature and pressure in a variety of applications, 1/16-and 1/8-DIN sizes. Large and easy-to-read dual four-
Simple configuration with digital display and tactile keyboard.
Features include universal input and power supply to meet the following standards3/IP65 front-
Panel protection, auto/manual mode and selfTuning softwareRS-
Optional 485 Modbus communication and up to two additional outputs.
Athena control
The C-Series temperature controller has four DIN sizes, as well as a model with no indication for sub-panels. The 1/16-
DIN and larger modelsin 8-
Liquid level ramp/soak control and standard options including Modbus communication and DIN-rail-
The gateway installed in the device network control network.
Features include signal input for J, K, N, R, S, B, C, E, NNM and Platinel II thermocouple, 2-or 3-
Line RTDs and line light source;
Large LED display capable of decimal reading of 0. 1[degrees]
, Dual output/alarm, on-site-
Configurable process and deviation alerts, and automatic/manual transmission without disturbance.
Tudor temperature sensors include a full range of highand low-
Temperature thermocouple, RTDs, thermal resistor, temperature transmitter, probe and accessory.
Solid PH series-
The state power relay is supplied backto-
Reverse scr output for resistance heating applications with false turns-
About immunity and forward
Turn off at high dV/dt.
SH series solid-
State control is singlephase, three-phase, three-leg; or three-phase, two-leg versions.
DIN rails or panels can be installed.
Turnkey custom design and manufacturing for embedded controls are also provided.
ATKINS Technology Co. , Ltd. Line of hand-
Handheld Digital thermocouple thermometers for measuring melting, molds, barrels, templates and other temperatures and more than 150 different probes.
The 396 series allows for a wide temperature range, with F/C switchable and accurate [+ or -]1%.
Sealed film switch.
One to three nine-
V battery, 500 hours of continuous operation per battery.
All instruments have J, K and T-type thermocouple.
Probe includes 1/8-in. diam. , 4-in. -
Long needle probe for insertion/immersion; micro-
3/16 needle probe-in. -
Long tip of elastic mold;
And surface probes with ceramic
Straight or 90 [degrees]
Shaft for mold, barrel and platform.
Budget supply Limited
Temperature Monitors include non-contact infrared devices and Atkins handheld devices
Probe with thermocouple.
Recording models are available.
Temperature control includes no indication to close-
Fuji PYZ series and PYX fuzzy series-logic series.
California control
Extruder and mold temperature controller series-
Temperature Controller for PID control that requires heating and cooling.
Type 9900 provides manual coverage for the operation when the sensor fails.
Protect unattended devices from other features that are damaged by a single device-or multiple-
Cycle element failures include LBA (loop-break-alarm)
And lock alarm
Simple renovation and high cost
1/4 effective-and 1/8-
Custom Panel adapter for DIN.
Model 3200 (limited control panel space)1/32-DIN)
With automatic tuning PID and power source and input.
Instruments Canada
Temperature, process and time/temperature bracket-
Separate controls can be fully configured via a temporary computer link-up.
In addition, the series of thermocouple sensors compatible with the controller.
CHROMALOX Stock or custom control products include 1600 series compact, reliable 1/16-DIN field-
Easy-to-install configurable controls with smart self
Adjust the fuzzy logic function and combine the hot/cold control function. The 1/4-
DIN 2104 temperature/process controller is a high
Performance sheet-
Loop units for temperature, flow, pressure and liquid level control applications.
Features include nema4x with separate panel
PID control (
Single output or hot/cold), and control-
Alarm for loop protection. Optional five-
Control the output, alarm or event output and digital communication of RS232 or RS422/485. The 1/4-
The DIN 3101 high/low limit controller is compact and fully programmable.
Provides user programmable input, output, and high/low limit functions such as total time for temperature display and peak process variable display.
Flexible for most limit control applications as well as the listing of UL and CUL.
The 4115 solid-
State power controller is single
Rod, always open-
Accept any 3-exchange equipment
32 VDC controls the input signal and provides on/off zero-
Cross-switch for 120 to 480 VAC loads from 40 to 90 amps.
Reliable noise.
Immune drive circuit with longer life and higher load capacity than triacs.
Cleveland process
The temperature control range ranges from simple non-indicating types to numbers with PID self-tuning.
The concept engineering labeling R non-contact temperature sensor for slender objects is mainly used to measure the temperature of metal conductors during wire insulation extrusion.
Produce millivolt output.
Control King CompanySee Hot-
Runner component.
Cooper instruments
Range of digital thermal resistor units from hand-held to panel-
Installation instrument with alarm function and accuracy [+ or -]2[degrees]F.
The probe can be extended to 1000. Hand-held and panel-
Installed digital thermocouple unit from-40 F to 2200 F.
The probe can be extended to 50ft. A range of 1-and 2-in. stainless-
Steel bimetal thermometer with different pole lengths, 2-, 2. 5-and 3. 5-in. vapor-tension remote-
Read the thermometer.
Chromium magnetic, Inc.
The electric heater monitoring product series includes a current loop indicator for monitoring the operation of the electrical heater elements in the forming machine.
Connected to the wire leading to the heater element, they provide visual LED lighting when the current is present.
The indicator works directly at the moment-
Carry wires or in remote locations. DAVIS-
Standard LLC temperature controller with patented dual function
The Thermocouple design maintains precise control in key processes.
One thermocouple is located in the heater/cooler and the other in the deepest part of the barrel, corrective heating or cooling measures can be taken to quickly and automatically stabilize the surface temperature of the inner barrel.
The recipe function reduces the amount of scrap made during start-ups and grade changes. D-M-E CO. See Hot-
Runner component.
The temperature sensor production line of Durex industries.
Standard and custom designs are available for all thermocouple types and platinum RTDs.
Standard design of equipment in Europe and Japan.
Large stock for immediate shipment.
East Coast sensors
Thermocouple in all ANSI calibration (
J, K, T, Type E)
Using stainless steel and Inconel sheath materials, ground/ungrounded and exposed connections are provided in a variety of probe configurations.
Electronic Development Laboratory Co. , Ltd. Temperature-
Instruments for indication, control and recording include hand-held digital and analog thermometers, infrared thermometers, thermocouple sensors, scanners and controllers.
Multi-input model with RS-
232 USB and Ethernet connections are available for all thermocouple types.
A thermocouple sensor for measuring mold surfaces, sub-surfaces, liquids, melts, and air jets.
Instrument temperature range from-
270 ° c to 2300 ° c, the response speed is fast, and the accuracy is close to 0. 5 C. Portable high-
Precision calibrators for surface, immersion, and infrared sensors.
Full range of metering products including mixing liquid and salt bath and low temperature comparator.
Hands do not touch
Handheld infrared thermometer from 0-
1600 F/C, fast reading is shown as 0.
1f resolution on LCD.
The display shows the lowest, highest, difference, and average temperature.
High/Low sound alarms are given.
Adjustable radiation rate. EUROTHERM INC.
Complete range of temperature controllers, monitors, sensors and solids-state relays.
Controller includes single
Loop, multi-ring and total machine unit for blow molding, injection molding and extrusion.
In addition, the thermocouple and rtd are included, as well as plug and Jack, extension cord and sleeve. New Maco SRS (
Small rack system)
The injection control system provides the advantages of integrated whole machine control in a compact package. It is a low-
A costly, scalable system that meets baseline injection control needs and can be equipped with options.
Device support open-or closed-loop (Impact II)
Injection molding process control.
Impact II software eliminates time-
Consumes the setting of tuning parameters and creates a theoretical model of the process, which is used with hundreds of rules to automatically optimize the process to compensate for a short period of timeand long-Term deviation.
Controller chassis design is used to reduce system costs without sacrificing high costs
Technical performance.
The chassis consisting of four control card slots is open in design.
6-including adaptive automatic tuning
12 areas of temperature control.
All SPC calculations and charts can be viewed.
Maco SRS is fully compatible with European OPtima, OPtima PC or Lite carrier stations.
Type 3508 latest temperature controller (1/8-DIN)and 3504 (1/4-DIN)
Is designed for demanding, high
Single precision
Loop application.
The device is easy to use, including SMS display, showing the exact name of the parameters and alarms, saving time during debugging and running.
Text can be displayed in English, French and German.
For the new 3000 series controller, the company\'s iTools PC configuration and maintenance software has been enhanced.
It now includes a graphic editor with models 3508 and 3504 with drag and drop configurations.
Use the built-in controller interface to iTools
The hardware port or infrared port located in front of the controller.
The software will save and reproduce the complete configuration, set the profile recipe, maintain the \"clone\" file of the document, and provide diagnostics.
Advanced Programming facilities for controlling complex processes include storing up to 50 point-setting programs and control function blocks for logical and mathematical operations that allow the elimination of many other process control components, such as Time, counter and programmable controller.
3508 and 3504 offer Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, and device network digital communication options for connecting to a monitoring computer or programmable logic controller.
Both models are labeled \"ArchestrA ready\" to make sure they will run with the new Avith factory automation platform ArchestrA.
Everest Science Company
The 3800 Series infrared temperature sensors provide accurate temperature readings in two different ranges: low
Temperature range from-
40f to 221 F, high-
Temperature range from-40F to 2000 F.
The response time is as low as 0. 015 sec.
Stainless steel sensor
Steel case of 0. 625 in. diam. by 2. 25 in. long.
Optics are aerospace.
Quality, highly durable, double
Zinc selenium coating.
The instrument can withstand the operation of up to 200 F to 95% relative humidity.
Standard output is 4-20 mA. Optional 0-
5 V, mV and Type J or Type K thermocouple outputs are also provided.
American company of EWIKON hot runner system. See Hot-
Runner component. EXERGEN CORP.
The contactless infrared temperature sensor includes an IRt/c sensor that does not require a power supply and does not have moving parts.
No maintenance required to operate in harsh/harsh environments.
The unit design meets any requirements and there are more than 2300 models that can fit in any form or shape.
New microprocessor
Intelligent control-
The IRt/c sensor provides complete, compact, and economical
Effective, general-
Alternative purpose of temperature measurement.
The unit acts as a complete system at a wide target and ambient temperature, providing multiple linear output options. DX-
The handheld infrared thermometer range is a traceable, affordable, and expensive NIST range of products.
Accurate, launch-
Free micro scanner.
The patent automatic radiation compensation system is designed (AECS)
It created its own black body,
Free temperature reading.
EXTECH Instruments
Temperature/process controllers and indicators include VT series 1/16-DIN (48VT)and 1/4-DIN (96VT)
Self-tuning PID controller. Dual four-
Digital LED display of set points and process variables.
The input includes the thermocouple, thermal resistance, current and voltage. One-
The Touch Auto-Tuning function automatically calculates the best PID value.
Can also be used for on/off control.
Control action 5A relay, 4-
20 mA current or pulse 24-
VDC driving solid-state relay. User-
Choose to heat or cool. Five-
The Amp alarm relay outputs the standard on both models and two on the 96VT.
Other units including 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-
DIN temperature controller with analog or digital setting point and on/off or proportional control.
Temperature Indicators include ultra-small and 1/8-
DIN and temperature indicators and controllers with digital setting points.
Indicators include up to 4-in. displays, 1/8-
DIN and micro version for thermocouple and RTD input.
Options include mV or 4-
Current output of 20 mA.
Switch boxes and multi-point scanners for up to 10 locations can be monitored.
Conductor series microprocessor
Temperature controller based on field interchange 15-and 30-amp modules.
The standard host includes single, five, nine and twelve districts.
Free of charge by combining mainframes or custom, up to 128 zones can be configured
Station control system.
Features include three
Function LED display, double
Function Digital Group-
Point, complete diagnosis and automatic for each areasoft as-needed warm-
Up mode, detect the amount of ground faults present on each heater area.
The electrical configuration includes a standard 240 VAC (optional 120), single-or three-
50 or 60Hz.
Includes a full set of thermocouple for all common ISA types such as J, K, and T, as well as special alloys for applications requiring up to 4200 F.
Temperature control includes electronic or mechanical (differential-
Expansion, card or liquid-expansion)types;
Represented or directed by numbers (LCD/LED)
Or analog display;
Small or standard size; surface-
Installation or probe style;
And models of normal or harsh environments.
Sensors include thermal resistors for local or remote sensing. Microprocessor-
DIN controller based on automatic tuning and fuzzy logic.
Analog and microprocessor board
Based on temperature and limit control.
Certified by ISO 9001.
FLIR Systems
\"Smart\" infrared path-thermal profile SLS
Real-time scanning system
Time inspection, monitoring and control of moving networks and rotating elements during continuous processes.
Designed for continuous operation in harsh environments, the device can be used as a separate monitor or part of the shutdownloop process-control system.
Thermovision infrared imaging and thermal analysis systems are used for plant maintenance, R & D, product design and quality assurance. GAMMAFLUX, L. P. See Hot-
Runner component.
GIC thermodynamics-
Stock line for thermocouple, RTDs and thermal resistor. Melt-Bolts and springs
Design for loading with leads, accessories and connectors. HARREL, INC. Three-
Electronic Temperature control including Plugin, single-
Microprocessor Channel
Model-based, coupled with compact multi-area unit lines, panels-mounted, 16-and 32-zone modules.
With 30-30 for remote installation, capacity can be extended to any number of areas
Channel assist module running under panel supervision-mounted unit.
For extrusion, both single
A multi-region model can use a patented Duosense system that uses deepand a shallow-
Good temperature sensor with faster response speed and longer life without sacrificing depth accuracywell sensing.
There are also adjustable RTD temperature sensors for extrusion and injection molding machines.
Spiral instruments at Bristol BABCOCK
The temperature and pressure instruments include 3 sets in full. 5-, 4. 5-, 6-, and 8. 5-in.
Gauge with exclusive CAM and roller movement, as well as optional grease fittings for extruder applications.
There are also digital gauges of several sizes.
Full line of 3-and 5-in.
Metal thermometer.
Tonnage dial that can be used for injection applications.
Husky Injection Molding System Co. , Ltd. See Hot-
Runner component.
IMC instruments
Digital Temperature Indicators, controllers and alarms include portable digital thermometers and monitors that are permanently installed.
Robust portable production lines include a large number of general-purpose products
Purpose and professional discussion.
Permanently Installed instruments include microprocessor
Based on digital panel meters, various digital temperature indicators and industrial temperatures-alarm panels.
In addition, the temperature alarm/controller series has optional digital indication of temperature, setting points, and difference. IMS CO. Closed-
Loop modular temperature controller with rated temperature of 15 am ps and 120 or 240 v
Proportional power, automatic soft
Start and digital display. Stand-alone closed-
Loop temperature controller with rated temperature of 15 am ps and 240 v, stored at 1-, 2-and 4-zone models. Stand-alone open-
Loop voltage controller with rated voltage of 5 or 15 am ps, 120 or 240 v
Equipment that reads heat directly-
Includes model 6010 temperature indicator with LED display and 1/8-
DIN case and heat retrofit
Melt the thermocouple. High-
Low temperature alarms and monitors have adjustable high and low setting points indicating temperature of any type-
J thermocouple, a visual and audio alarm is triggered if the temperature is above or below the set value. Panel-
Self-adaptive installation
Adjust the PID controller in 1/4-, 1/8-and 1/16-
DIN is also in stockHand-
Keep the surface thermometer reading temperatures up to 600 F without touching the heat source. Also low-
Cost K-type digital unit for temperature to 1999INCOE CORP. See Hot-
Runner component. IRCON, INC.
Non-contact infrared thermometer works in harsh environments50 to 6500 F. On-
Line thermometer, line-
Hot scan
Imaging System, portable contactless thermometer and lowcost two-
Wire transmitter.
The sensor \"sees\" objects as small as 0. 012 in.
And reply within 25 milliseconds.
Series 43 and 48, run at 3.
43 microns and 7.
95 microns, respectively, best for polyethylene and polyester film.
JEWELL electrical instruments Co. , Ltd.
Analog panel instruments for temperature monitoring and control.
Type 400 indicates that the temperature controller has a double set value, 4. 5-in.
Mirror scale and relay output.
Can be replaced directly in most devices.
The option allows customization.
Southeast JMSCustom-
The designed thermocouple and RTDs include bayonet, plastic meltingbolt, flex-
Adjustable armor, spring-
Adjustable depth thermocouple.
Calibration equipment and services, interface hardware related to sensor applications, and an integrated combination of signal transmitters or sensors and transmitters are also provided. J-
Hot runner Technology Co. , Ltd.
Supply MCS temperature-
The control system with a touch screen display ranges from 1 to 240 areas.
KERNCO Instruments Limited, INC.
More than 60 analog and digital thermometers include thermometers with stainless steel
Steel and straight stem; panel-
Install instruments and transmitters with J, K, T and E-type thermocouple probes; strip-
Charts and circular Temperature recorders;
Infrared instrument for non-contact measurement (
Portable and remote models with 4-20 mA output);
Multi-channel, 4-20 mA or 0-
5 VDC temperature monitor with alarm system.
KIEFEL Technology Co. , Ltd.
Temperature control unit for heating or cooling of tools and machine parts. Closed-loop design.
Land infrared land instrument International Co. , Ltd.
Minolta/Land portable Cyclops 343 and Cyclops 379 hands-
Accurate positioning of handheld infrared thermometer
Temperature measurement on film
Film plastic in the measurement range of 30 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit
Features include digital display of focusing optics and temperature;
The choice of peak hold, Valley hold, or continuous operation; and built-
When calculating the maximum, minimum, or average value of a series of readings.
Portable and on-
The line contactless infrared thermometer has a narrow band spectral response and is suitable for non-contact temperature measurement of hydrocarbon polymers.
New System 4 M7 on-
Line thermometer measurement
Speed Response from 75 to 700 F
Linear Laboratory
Company of SAFETYTEK.
Non-contact infrared sensors provide continuous temperature measurements for moving, fragile or unsafe targets without product contamination.
Measurement range of fixed and portable devices from-70 F to 3000 F. MX-
High range of fixed equipment
The reading is accurate to the resolution optics [+ or -]
1% milliseconds per 300MX-
HT is suitable for extremely demanding industrial applications with temperatures up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit
The View ratio can be 50: 1 or 75: 1. MX and MX-
HT provides R-Type, S-type and B-type thermocouple, one mv /[degrees], 0-5 v, 4-20 and 0-20 mA, and RS-232 and RS-
Serial Output 485. Portable LTL-
100 provides laser aiming for accurate non-contact temperature measurement.
Features include 1-
Sec response time, peak hold time, and 8-
14 micron spectral filter with temperature range-20 F to 2000 F. C-
1000 portable self
The operating equipment consists of a probe and a display unit.
Love control DIV
Dwyer Instruments Co. , Ltd.
Temperature control, sensors, and output devices include a full set of controls for the four most common sizes: 1/32-DIN, 1/16-DIN, 1/8-DIN, and 1/4-DIN.
Each is compatible with the plug and offers from simple control to automatic/manual, self
Tuning, ramp/soak, computer communication, and fuzzy logic.
Most controls have IP66 (NEMA 4X)
Front panel rating and approved by UL, CE and CSA.
Model 4151 and model 4130 transmitter modules are available for users
Programmable input and isolated linear process output (0-10 VDC or 4-20 mADC).
Model 4380 Iso/Verter II accepts any standard process signal, isolates it and retransmits it in the same or any other standard process output.
New 1090, 1290 and 1490 alarm acceptance process, thermocouple or RTD input.
All modules are UL certified.
Standard and custom thermocouple, RTDs and thermal resistance probes.
Output equipment includes solid mercury displacement contactor
Solid state relay-
State contactor and scr power control.
Capacity from 10 to 150 amps.
Zero available SCR control
Cross or phase
Angular fire configuration. LUXTRON CORP. Luxtron fiber-
Optical temperature sensors and instruments can be measured in difficult places and provide immunity to intrinsic safety.
Marin manufacturing sensors include adjustable bayonet
Installed melting and nozzle thermocouple.
Special thermocouple for surface
Temperature and band
Heater induction is provided.
Design will be customized.
Melt design, INC. See Hot-
Runner component.
Mikron infraredLow-
Portable, handheld and battery compact M7-
The operating non-contact infrared thermometer has an LCD temperature display function with a dual laser aiming function for targeting small target areas.
It is used for the maintenance application of measuring the temperature of motor, bearing, steam trap and insulation void. MOLDFLOW CORP. See Hot-
Runner component. MOLD-
See hot Master Limited
Runner component. NANMAC CORP.
Patent ribbon
Type temperature sensors for molding and extrusion measurement include A6A series springs-Bayonet.
Measurement of in-style ribbon thermocouple
Wall temperature of barrel
The real local temperature in the metal wall can be measured and not affected by the conduction errors caused by external air flow, mounting fixtures and metal protective tubes.
The C4 series thermocouple measures the temperature in the mold cavity at a millisecond response time.
A type that measures the temperature of the part when it is formed.
Another way to measure the temperature of the inner surface of the wall.
They are all installed in existing top rod holes and used as thermocouple and top rod.
When the material flows through the extruder nozzle, the temperature is measured by the 8 series thermocouple.
Millisecond response time
Run continuously or in a loop.
There are also traditional temperature sensors, controllers and indicators.
Neil systems
SP series melt-
Low temperature sensor
Volumetric capillary system to ensure thermal stability while minimizing the risk of melting contamination.
Rapid response makes the equipment less vulnerable to flow erosion.
Model 500 1/16
DIN and 1000 1/8-DIN single-
The cycle temperature controller has a dual LED display to view the process and set values at the same time.
Units that provide relay, logic, or triac Control output.
Model 3300 1/8
DIN and 4300 1/4-
DIN controller with backlight, multi-function LCD display; data-
Acquisition rate of 6 samples/second;
And digital communication capabilities.
The relay, logic, analog or electric actuator control output can be provided.
Model 1020 1/8-DIN two-
Ring temperature controller with AC module
The splash-proof panel accepts two separate inputs.
Model 100,200,201 panel meter/alarm unit, 1/16-and 1/8-
Fully configurable DIN.
Model 201 features 3. 5-
Number, 14mm Display; Model 100, a 3-digit, 14-mm display;
And model 200, a 3-digit, 20-mm display.
Four operating software levels that can only be accessed by entering code. NORAL, INC.
Complete Series of thermocouple, RTDs and thermal resistance probes.
Specialty is custom manufacturing and application problem-solving.
The patented probe includes a \"retractable\" molten thermocouple that allows immersion and removal from the plastic melt stream during operation. Also bayonet-style, nozzle-
Type and compression
Parts version of injection molding machine and extruder. Two and three-
Pin thermocouple connectors, mounting adapters, and accessories are also available.
Ogden Manufacturing CompanyNew ETR-4300 1/4-DIN and ETR-8300 1/8-
DIN temperature controller around 18-
Bit A/D converter for high level
Resolution measurement.
Enter with field-
Programmable selection of 9 thermocouple sensors, 2 standard RTD curves and 6 linear process inputs.
Four separate programmable outputs provide flexibility when heating, cooling and/or using alarms.
The output options feature standard modules and three optional auxiliary power suppliers to power external transmitters, various sensors, or small devices.
When used, the security function-free transmission is able to adjust the proportion of the main output in error mode or sensor interrupt conditions.
Digital communication uses a standard Modbus RTU protocol that provides flexibility when implementing units into a monitoring system or human-machine interface (HMI)
Software package.
Communication package using SpecView, RS-232 or RS-
The 485 option offers remote historical trends, controls, recipe loading, and full monitoring capabilities.
Both units provide the latest control and security features with few restrictions in a single area controller.
Using the heater disconnect alarm function, the controller can also monitor the heater current with CT94-
1 Current Transformer accessories.
The unit is in stock for delivery the next day. ETR-3200 1/32-
DIN temperature controllers with intelligent logic can make control decisions based on fuzzy or incomplete information.
It is said that due to process interference, the initial overshoot and deviation from the set point are almost eliminated. ETR-
3200 can be configured with PID self-tuning control with multiple output options.
A second output can be selected from optional features including alarm.
With universal input, ETR-
3200 various sensors or other input sources can be accepted.
The parameter is front-
The panel is optional and easy to install. RS-
The 485 output allows multiple controls to be networked remotely with the PC. ETR-9200 1/16-
DIN microprocessor
The PID parameters based on the intelligent logic of the temperature controller are automatically adjusted.
Decision of intelligent logic when process interference is detected-
The Making function quickly returns the process value to setpoint. Menu-
The driver provides configurable process parameters such as universal input functions and C or F display.
Front panel, double display, ramp-to-
Two selectable set points
Function secondary output and RS-
485 communication output is a function. ETR-4220 1/4-
DIN microprocessor
The temperature controller based on intelligent logic also has the function of automatic tuning. Menu-
The driver provides configurable parameters such as universal input and C or F display.
Process and set point temperature in double, four-digit display.
When the power is turned off, the non-volatile memory retains the process parameters. Two selectable-
The function secondary output allows high, low limits or alarms. ETR-
For processes that require cooling, the 4230 has an additional proportional output. RS-
485 communication available. ETR-8120 1/8-
DIN microprocessor
Temperature controller based on automatic tuning has pre-function
Configurable control parameters for the panel. The 1/2-
In, the dual display makes the process and setting point always visible.
Optional parameters include Input type, C or F Display, control mode, and heating or cooling.
Two secondary outputs provide optional features or limitations. ETR-
Unit 8130 has an additional proportional output for cooling.
Omega Engineering Limited
Omega Technology Limited
Temperature Controller and monitor including thermocouple, RTD and infrared sensor.
Can be controlled by simple on/off or PID, automatic tuning, event-select controller
Signal generation and ramp/soak programming. Single-
The multi-loop controller is independentalone or panel-mounted.
The company also offers long-term warranty and customized engineering services.
Omron Electronics Co. , Ltd.
Industrial Automation Systems Division
The electronic process/temperature controller has the functions of automatic adjustment, PID and communication.
Size includes 1/4-, 1/8-, 1/16-and 1/32-DIN. New E5-
The N series digital temperature control includes communication and advanced self-control
Adjust the function to the compact case. Flexible E5-
The K-series provides seven security levels and methods for operating variables for security considerations, including errors and alarms.
All options including transfer output (4-20mA)
Interchanged and easy to operate on site with event inputreplaceable.
See the hot spot of rice con control technology-
Runner component.
Oven Industry Limited
Electronic temperature control and sensors for various process applications.
Control ranges from simple on/off and scale types to complex micro-controllers-
Proportion basedintegral-
Derivative version.
Specially customized controller.
Penn EngineeringSCR-
A-based on power control and contactor control-c and d-
C adjust the power of the electric heating.
Series A Type 11
C contactor, replacement of mechanical and electrical contactor and Mercury relay, available in single-phase or three-
The phase version is 600 VAC at all standard voltages, with dimensions ranging from 10 amps to 1200 amps/phase.
All units are tested and run up to 600 times/min, running more than 0. 2 billion times in a row without component failure.
Used with on/off temperature controller. Single-and three-phase a-c variable-
At all standard voltages up to 1200 VAC, an electric heating ratio control voltage control of 10 to 600 amps/phase is available.
The 18-series controls are available in both stages-angle or zero-fired versions.
Can be operated manually, can also be equipped with analog milli-amp or d-
C voltage signal from the temperature controller or PLC.
Series 36 d-
C. Power Control acceptance formor three-phase a-
C voltage input with variable d-c output.
600 VAC is available at all standard voltages.
Sizes range from 10 to 1200 amps/phase.
Series 18A thermocouple temperature controller with a proportional control interface of 18 or 36 series to provide closure-loop control. Either full-
Scale indication or temperature-
Deviation version.
Can be set for various temperature ranges and thermocouple types.
Plastic Engineering Technology Service Co. , Ltd.
Runner component.
Plastic Processing Equipment Co. , Ltd.
Thermocouple, RTDs, temperature indicator, calibration and controller.
Thermocouple includes Type J and Type K adjustable depth, OEM replacement, washer type, shovel type, melting-bolt, hose-clamp, and hot-melt.
Indicators include panels-
Portable models for installation and handheld.
Full range probes for manualheld models.
Controls include open-loop, solid-
The state power supply control range is from 8A to 20. POLYSHOT CORP. See Hot-
Runner component.
POWERS process control DIV.
Digital process controller, process monitor, process programmer and automatic/manual station for watts water technologies inc. Single-
Control the loop controller and monitor of the independent loop or the whole factory.
Instrument in 1/8-and 1/4-DIN sizes.
Thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors include fixed and adjustable immersion, ring, nozzle, melting-
Bolt type and special structure.
The same is true for connectors, temperature indicators, sensor selector switches, bayonet adapters, thermocouple leads, connection heads, and transmitters. QUANTEM CORP. Sub-panel or panel-
Installation of electronic thermostats and indicators includes potentiometer and scale calibrated according to specifications.
Various input voltages, output devices and control modes. Microprocessor-
Digital setting points and indications are provided based on the digital thermostat, as well as programmable up and down setting points and indications.
Standard and custom thermal resistors, RTDs, and thermocouple. RAYTEK CORP.
Non-contact infrared temperature-
The measuring sensor includes an on-line point sensor and an on-line wrench for monitoring the temperature in the process of a continuous network.
There is also a portable infrared thermometer.
The Thermalert MP50 infrared process camera provides crossover
Machine temperature measurement.
DataTemp MP Windows 95 and NT software display real-time temperature distribution and graphics
Time monitoring. The 3.
43 linetrans is specially designed to measure thin polyethylene, while 7.
9 for acrylic, acetate, nylon, PVC and polyester.
The Thermalert MI and GP models feature independent point sensing heads and electronic devices.
Thermalert CI and TX models combine sensors and output electronics in an integrated package.
CI is a suitable thermocouple replacement, TX is a smart sensor with simple dual-
Wire Installation and two-
Mode of communication.
Two introduced systems were specially designed for on-line analysis of extrusion processes.
ES100 system analyzes Bolt temperature by scanning castings
Film and film Network.
The EC100 system scans the surface temperature of the melt curtain in the extrusion coating and lamination.
The TF100 system allows thermoformers to visualize the temperature distribution of the entire paper. RDF CORP.
Micro foil heating
The nominal sensitivity of the flow sensor is 0.
02 to 11 V/Btu /[ft. sup. 2]-
Hr with maximum heat-
Flux ratings for 20 to 30 Btu /[ft. sup. 2]-sec.
Sensor with integral thermocouple. Hypodermic-
Needle thermocouple sensor model HN, measuring the internal temperature of soft or half
Solid objects with minimal puncture area. Diam.
The size of the needle can be 0. 020 in.
Model 2900 two-
The wire RTD temperature transmitter is accurate 【+ or -]0. 1% of span or [+ or -]0. 1[degrees]
C, whichever is larger.
Designed for rugged industrial applications where operating temperature allows the transmitter to be mounted directly to the sensor connection head.
Complete Series of RKC instrumentsto-
Temperature and process controller are used.
Discrete controller with active function
Tuning using advanced PID algorithms to suppress and eliminate overtuning at startup
Up, process upsets or setpoint changes;
Digital communication, field programmable heaters, and Loop Interrupt alarms.
Ramp/soak programmer in three DIN sizes can program in 16 to 256 steps.
Multi-loop control is different from dual looploop panel-
The control is installed on a multi-zone modular controller with a maximum of 320 temperature zones controlled per operator interface.
Digital communications include mini-
SCADA programs and software tools for customization
The operator screen, the Profibus, Modbus or device enet protocol, and the RKC software program are designed to interface with the plc without additional programming.
Suitable for handling temperature control loops with PLC system or independent control system.
Related products include power controller, sensor, led ssr relay, high limit controller and indicator.
There are three instruments.
Warranty, UL certification, CSA, CE marking, CC-Link, and C-Tick approvals.
ISO 9001 certification.
Service construction instrument Department
Thermometers and sensors for temperature measurement include temperature ranges from-150 to 2000 F.
The sensor is suitable for surface, melting and soaking as well as oven and free air applications.
Synchronous molding solution
Runner component.
Tianke Electric Heater Company
From simple analog controllers to sophisticated microprocessor, the complete range of temperature controls covers all requirements
A unit based on multiple programmable outputs and universal inputs.
Size includes 1/32-, 1/16-, 1/8-, 3/16-and 1/4-DIN controls.
Most controls have UL, cUL, CSA, or CE approval. Models TEC-4300, TEC-8300, TEC-9300 and TEC-
2500 self-tuning control with universal sensor input, fast sampling rate, fuzzy logic PID, 2-
4 separate programmable outputs/alarms, universal power inputs, heater interrupt alarms, trouble-free transmission to manual mode, analog reissue, and Japanese 4 X/ip 4 front. Model TEC-
TEC-4100, TEC71008100 and TEC-
9100 4 x/4 with universal sensor input, fast sampling rate, fuzzy logic PID self-tuning control, 6 different outputs, universal power input, trouble-free manual mode transfer and film-compliant/Models TEC-920, TEC-910 and TEC-
220 features universal sensor input, fast sampling rate, fuzzy logic PID self-tuning control, six different outputs, universal power input, manual mode, and a Japanese 4 X/ip 4 front.
Simulation Control technology of economy
905, 902, 901, 805, 704, 405, 404, 402, 401 and with digital display, deviation meter, thermocouple and RTD sensor input, Button and potentiometer setting point, multiple outputs and PID or on/off control.
It\'s also a complete series.
Home sensors including standard thermocouple and RTD components.
Thermocouple types include various Ansi calibrations (J, K, etc. )
RTDs include standard DIN and JIS 100 and 1000 ohm standard curves.
The assembly method includes adjustable and fixed bayonet, nozzle, ring, various fixed and adjustable fuse bolts and minerals insulated from the connection head.
Accessories include Jack, plug, thermocouple wire, Jack panel, connection head, etc. TESTO INC. Temperature-
From basic digital pocket thermometers to manual measuring instruments
Multi-functional units are held.
Various probes for surface, immersion, air, infrared or penetration applications.
The instrument uses Type K, Type J, type NTC or type RTD sensors300 F to 2490 F. Quartz-
Sensor thermometer with [accuracy [+ or -]0. 2 F. Dual-
Temperature input allows differential temperature reading of [accuracy]+ or -]0. 06 F.
Professional-level instruments offer split display, analog output, dual probe input, max/min/hold, and optional recorder modules for recording and printing.
The PC interface allows real-time data transfer. TEXMATE INC. Offers 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-
DIN temperature controller with rs23c and RS485 serial interface, multi-ring KR4 unit and supporting RTD and thermocouple indicators.
Thermal power company, INC.
Thermocouple, RTDs and temperature controller for all types of extrusion molding.
Wide range of standard bayonet and melt
Flow thermocouple and RTD components and hardware. Also custom-made systems.
The temperature controller model has 1/4-, 1/8-and 1/16-DIN cut-
Out size with thermocouple, RTD and process input.
Optional features include RS-
232 communication, analog output, and alarms.
Thermoworks inc. Hand-held and panel-
Install the thermometer and probe.
The thermocouple type is used for penetration, liquid melting, and rapid surface measurement.
Precision RTD thermometers for key applications and inspection of other meters and controls.
A few Mini (1/32-and 1/16-DIN)
The panel control has a microprocessor.
Infrared contactless thermometers are also available.
Total Temperature Instrument Co. , Ltd.
Fuji Electric series PYX, PX, PVX blur-
Logic temperature controller.
The PYX series controller 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-
DIN size, no overtone or no overtone at startupup.
Provide RS-
485 communication, monitoring software, loop-
Heater alarm-
Simulated re-alarm
Transmission, 8-
Segmented programmer for ramp/soak.
PX series has standard Japanese standard
4 X rated panel.
Accept all kinds of input and eight-
Programming for segmented slopes/immersion.
Advanced security options prevent unauthorized use and display all parameters-maskable.
Standard power supply from 85 to 264 vac with 24 vac/dc option.
Two outputs and programmable alarms are available. Comes in 1/4-to 1/32-
DIN size of eightor three-
Key programming keys on the panel. PVX high-
High performance programmable controller with free window-
Loader-based software can store nine modes of up to 20 clips with its own recipes.
Features include guaranteed soaking function, 100 Ms sampling rate, triple simultaneous display, various input and output selections, automatic/manual control, four external command input points and Mode Select inputs. TSI INC.
High-powered ALNOR product linetemperature-
Including customized sensing instruments
Manufacture of thermocouple for heavy dutyand light-
Apply for duty.
K, J or T-type hands-
Fixed thermocouple that can be used with any thermometer as well as digital and analog panel thermometers.
Single analog instrument availableand multiple-Circuit design.
United Electrical Control Company
Indication and recording of temperature control, thermocouple and RTDs. Explosion-
Proof and general-
Use of temperature and pressure switches, hot track/freeze protection thermostats and pressure transmitters.
VAS Engineering Company
Doric instruments model 473 thermocouple digital calibration/indicator simulation and measurement of thermocouple, Ohm, ML-Amps and milli-volts.
Calibrate the temperature controller, indicator, recorder and transmitter.
Long battery life, manual
Versatility, high/low memory and big touch-type switches.
Models 460 and 461 measure and display the temperature.
The input type is selected on the front panel.
Waken Electric Power Company
Temperature control, control panels and sensors include programmable controllers as well as models of bulbs and capillary tubes.
UL is listed on the control panel.
Sensor products include thermocouple and RTDs. In-
Stock and custom products.
Watlow anafaze, INC.
Multi-loop PID controller in 1/4-4 to 48 channelsand 1/8-DIN through-panel and sub-
Panel installation configuration.
The system includes a temperature controller with ModBus and device enet, as well as a user-
Programmable logic and highlevel software.
WATLOW Electric MFG. CO.
Standard, customized, temperature and multiple
Loop controller in 1/2-, 1/4-, 1/8-and 1/16-DIN, open-
Plate, sealed, potted4 versions.
Thermocouple, thermal resistance, process input, solid-
State, switch DC, mechanical relay and process output can also be provided.
Infrared sensors, solid.
Power Controller for machine status
Control products and computers
Based on control software.
Communication is different from RS-422/423 and EIA-485 serial-
Communication with connected solutions including gateway and integrated device enet, Ethernet, and Palm to support applications from remote locations.
The new series of SD controllers provide accurate cost-
Effective and reliable temperature control.
Optional Infosense technology improves accuracy by at least 50%. High-
The performance series PD temperature and process controllers utilize embedded Ethernet technology to provide a convenient means for setting and viewing key process variables.
The company provides advanced serial interfaces for computer monitoring and data recording.
The PID control is optimized by automatic adjustment of expert system, so as to evaluate the running ability of the machine. Anawin Windows-
Software packages allow users to configure, monitor and maintain critical processes. A 32-
The Bit operating system brings a high degree of stability to various Watlow controllers.
Williamson companyOn-
The Line infrared thermometer provides non-contact temperature measurements of plastic films, other plastic extrusion, coatings and molded parts.
Difficult temperature measurement, for example, on a tenter frame of a very thin film, using a precise narrow-
Infrared filter.
This technology enables the device to measure the surface temperature of the film without passing through the film or without being affected by the background.
Monitor and control temperature during infrared or thermal heating
By measuring the temperature of the product itself, rather than measuring the temperature of the air or heater, the air furnace is possible. YOKOGAWA CORP.
New green Series Universal single in the United States
Cycle Control provides 1/8-or 1/4-
DIN size for single or hot/cold general version.
Heater-unit with programmable input and output type
Interrupt alarm, set complete PID for each heating and cooling output and tune automatically.
4-New UT2000 multi-area controlor eight-
The loop module has programmable input and output types to automatically tune to the fast connection of the touch screen
Line Display for PC or PLC.
All controllers have super-control algorithms that use fuzzy logic to mimic expert operations.
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