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temperature sensors, monitors, controls.

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Advanced kinetic lines for thermocouple, RTDs, and thermal resistance probes.
Specialty is custom manufacturing and application problem-solving.
The patented probe includes a \"retractable\" melt thermocouple that allows for soaking and removal from the plastic melt flow throughout the operation. Also bayonet-style, nozzle-
Type and compression
Accessory version for injection and extruder accessories.
Advantage Electronics
Custom temperature monitoring and control instruments with custom packaging, control sorting and data communication capabilities.
AGEMA Infrared Systems Co. , Ltd.
Thermopoint single
Pointer, manualheld or fixed-
Non-contact precision instruments for measuring and controlling product and process temperature. Laser-
Dim aiming optionslit or hard-to-
Internal channel.
Data output on some models allows direct PC, chart-
Recorder and Printer Interface.
Thermoprofile SLS smart line
Real-time scanning system
Time inspection, monitoring and control of moving networks and rotating elements during continuous processes.
Designed for continuous operation in harsh environments.
Thermoprofile SLS can be used as a stand
Separate monitoring or partial shutdown-loop process-control system.
AMPROBE instrument division.
Core Industry CompanyModel DPH-
2000 range of temperature measuring instruments from-150 until 1999;
Fast response time and standard industry-
K-type thermocouple probe;
And resolution 1 [degree]
F and LCD display.
Accurate measurement [+ or -]0. 8% on -
35 F to 850 F; [+ or -]
1% of the instrument range at all other points.
Plastic case with waterproof film switch, able to resist most corrosive materials.
Optional accessories include four different types of probes: universal, surface, air-
Gas and subcutaneous injectionModel DT-
The range of the 156 thermometer is-50. 0 F to 199.
9 F, the accuracy is [+ or -]1 [degree]F. Features solid-
Status design and three independent probes with fast function
Response sensing element.
Each probe has 12-ft color-
Coded leads, allowing temperature checks at points 24 feet apart. Color-
The encoding button selector switch allows the selection of the temperature to be checked. A-
The B switch provides an instantaneous digital reading of the difference between the temperature measured by the probe and the B probe.
This feature is designed for differential measurement such as Inlet/outlet temperature. Model AM-
14 is an LCD industrial multimeter with direct temperature reading capability40 F to 300 F. Features over-
Low range indication
Automatic battery indication
Zero on all ranges, reverse-
Polarity Indication and diode-test range. ANAFAZE INC.
Non-contact infrared temperature sensors measure products such as sheets in Thermoforming and extrusion materials.
Temperature from 0f to 1000 F.
Turnkey systems include controllers, computers, and
Software and infrared sensors. ANALOGIC CORP.
Model AN2402 1/8-DIN panel-
Temperature Controller with front
Settings, calibration, and operation of the panel selection;
Thermocouple input (
J, K, T, E, R, S, B, C, N); 1 [degree]or 0. 1 [degree]resolution;
C or F;
Programmable filter.
Options include dual interface, dual interface
Relay setting point and analog output with independent ratio.
There are also models AN2406, 1/8-
DIN controller with 1 [degree], 0. 1 [degree]and 0. 01 [degree]
C resolution of 2-, 3-and 4-
Wire RTD measurement, same option as an2402.
Athena controlHot-
Temperature control for runners and panels includes IMP controllers at 15-and 30-
Amp configuration.
AIM controller combined with ACM communication module (
ASM of SPI protocol)
Interface with up to 99 controllers via terminal or IBM-compatible PC. The 1/16-
The DIN XT16 panel controller has dual monitors, four configurable outputs, and optional digital communications.
New PIM portable single
Area temperature controller for heating
Gate bushing or single
Heater applications up to 15 am ps have dual display, fusion and ground circuit, computer step start, manual and off-
Loop control and power-on/off switch.
With microprocessor PID control and complete diagnostics, the module runs automatically after setting the temperature and turning on the power supply.
Provides automatic preheating function
After completion, the controller switches to CompuCycle, a zero
Provides cross-power drive for smooth, continuous-
C power has reportedly increased the response time, reduced thermal fatigue, and extended the life of the power supply.
ATKINS Technology Co. , Ltd. Line of hand-
Handheld Digital thermocouple thermometers for heat induction and more than 150 different probes
Melting, mold, barrel, formwork and other temperatures.
The 396 series allows for a wide temperature range, with F/C switchable and accurate [+ or -]1% of reading.
Equipped with a sealed film switch for maximum reliability.
One to three nine-
V battery, each battery can provide 500 hours of continuous working time.
All instruments and probes provided in J, K and T-type thermocouple.
Probe includes 1/8-in. diam. , 4-in. -
Long needle probe for insertion/immersion; micro-
3/16 needle probe-in. -
Long tip of elastic mold;
And surface probes with ceramic
Straight or 90 [degrees]
Corner shaft for mold, barrel and platform. BARBER-COLMAN CO.
Ministry of Industrial Instruments
Full range of temperature sensors including patented Vari-
The depth sensor can be adjusted to any immersion depth. Single-
Zone and multi-zone temperature controllers feature manual or automatic tuningPID single-
Area Controller with options including digital communication.
Although there are also analog controls, digital controls are standard.
Controller size options include 1/2-, 1/4-, 1/8-and 1/16-DIN.
Cimac 2 is 1/2-
DIN size multi-area controller for extrusion temperature control.
Eight process control areas existing and built in
In setpoint, the programmer can implement Time/process control.
1/4-compact MA and MB series temperature controller, 1/8-and 1/16-
DIN size with touch functionAutomatic tuning;
Manual sensor offset, which adjusts the measurement temperature when the measurement temperature is different from the actual process temperature; power-
If the power is cut off, the fault memory of the set value can be saved;
And optional inside Insta-
Set up storage of up to eight recipes.
Budget supply LimitedModel PYX-4, 1/16-
DIN temperature controller starts and inputs using fuzzy logic
Process conditions, allowing for a quick recovery from the process confusion and starting at room temperature with minimal overtones.
The unit provides PID automatic tuning, universal input, loop-and heater-
Break the alarm, and eight-
Segmented ramp/soak function.
BURLING instrumentsSolid-
State temperature controller and digital monitor for thermocouple or RTD input.
The controller provides a temperature range from 0 to 2500 F and accepts T, J, and K-type thermocouple, plus 100-ohm RTDs.
Control mode includes limit, on/off, time-
Ratio and current-
Optional on/off or restricted secondary control mode.
Primary and secondary outputs include SPDT electro-mechanical relays, solid-
State Relays with rated power up to 30 amps and 4-20 mA.
1/4-DIN, NEMA-1, NEMA-4 or OEM style.
Select the digital, analog, or deviation meter display of the process temperature.
1/8-temperature monitor
DIN style and display temperature from 0 to 1999 F.
The 4100 series has optional time and temperature limits.
California control
Temperature Controller series designed for extruder and mold-
The temperature controller that requires PID control action on the heating and cooling channels.
Model 9900 provides manual coverage operation, allowing continued operation when the sensor fails.
Other features designed to protect unattended equipment from the causeor multiple-
Failure of circulating elements, including LBA (loop-break-alarm)
And lock alarm
Simple renovation and high cost
1/4 effective-and 1/8-
Custom Panel adapter for DIN.
All controllers are 1/6-
DIN size, convenient cost
Effective control-
Panel design for Oem.
Instruments Canada
Temperature, process and time/temperature bracket-
Separate controls can be fully configured via a temporary computer link-up.
In addition, it is equipped with a full range of sensors compatible with the controller.
Products include 2000 series microprocessor
Based on temperature and process control;
ChromaSoft software package;
Remote operator interface from PC to multiple Chromalox controllers;
Chromalox 3390Loop controller;
Digital and analog electronic temperature controllers.
Support services range from application advice to design, manufacture, and installation of custom control panels.
Mira clone Cincinnati, USAS.
Plastic Machinery Division
Cincinnati mold control without material (CRMC)temperature-
The control system is simple to operate and large in size. memory, high-
Speed Electronics, total selfdiagnosis.
Automated Diagnostic System tests and reports operational reliability for each area, confirms wiring of the system, detects and confirms faulty thermocouple, reports all fusion locations, and detects Crosstalk (interaction)
Between heaters, the percentage of impact reported on adjacent areas.
Color Graphics simplify data recognition and the help program can answer any questions.
Errors are listed by fault and affected area to distinguish between serious and less urgent process issues.
CMC Technology Co. , Ltd.
IEEE 485 \"addressable\" serial output is provided by combined pressure/temperature sensors (
In addition to the basic RS232 digital output)
It is said that this makes it possible to conduct economic monitoring of multiple machines.
The pressure, temperature, and combined sensors have the same thread and housing so that they can be swapped.
Concept Engineering mark R is mainly used as a non-contact temperature sensor for squeezing wire insulation into slender objects on a conductor, which measures the temperature of the conductor.
The unit produces a millivolt output as a function of the target temperature in the non-linear fashion.
Cooper instrumentsELECTRO-THERM DIV.
From manual to digital thermal resistors
Group holding units-
Installation instrument with alarm function and accuracy [+ or -]2 [degrees]F.
The probe can be extended to 1000. Hand-held and panel-
Digital thermocouple unit installed to achieve temperature reading40 F to 2200 F.
The probe can extend to 50 feet.
The scope of 1-is also very wide, 2-and 3-in. stainless-
Different length and 2-, 2 1/2-and 3 1/2-in. vapor-
Remote reading thermometer with pull force.
Chromium magnetic, Inc.
The electric heater monitoring product series includes a current loop indicator that displays the operation of the electric heater element in the forming machine.
Connected to the wires leading to the heater elements, they provide vision (LED)
Lighting when the current is present and the heater element is working properly.
Defective (open)
Heater element, there will be no current flow and the LED will not be turned off.
There are several types available and they provide instructions directly at the current time
Carry wires or in remote locations. D-M-E CO.
Intelligent series temperature-
The control system includes a variety of frame and module sizes and styles for a wide range of applications.
The framework is in 15-1 to 48 areasand 30-amp capacities.
Microprocessor control module
Based on multi-function digital display.
The SSM and DSS modules have a digital display of set points and process temperatures, automatic/manual mode selection, and a heater pop-up function that automatically starts when the system starts.
The CSS module provides the same functionality as the built-in module
In the ammeter, together with the CIM module, it is possible to remotely control and monitor from the PC.
The slave owner of the mainframe
No external relay or contactor is required, with or without communication capability.
Protective plastic shield, single cooling fan, circuit-
Circuit breaker protection and optional current/voltage monitor.
Accessories include cable, mold connector, floor stand and Transformer kit.
Durex International
Resistance Temperature detection line (RTDs)
Thermocouple specially used for processing applications.
Can withstand sensor structure of more than 900 F
Installation options are available, as well as alternatives for most European and Japanese designs.
DYNISCO Co. , Ltd. instruments
The response time of the optical infrared temperature sensor for non-invasive measurement of melting temperature is 10 ms, detecting the melting temperature of the highly transient to achieve more stringent process control and resisting wear and tear of the filling material.
Withstand pressure up to 30,000 F to 800 psi
Type 1330 temperature controller with 1/8-DIN plug-
In the design, digital display and setting point ,[+ or -]0. 3% full-
Scale accuracy, pre-adjustment of control parameters, on/off or full PID control, and optional deviation alarms.
Type 2300 temperature and process controller with microprocessor-based, 1/4-DIN plug-
In the design, PID, rs22 c, RS422, RS485 serial communication, universal programmable input, remote and second set point, double
Programmable alarm and heat/cold control mode.
The automatic probe I and II melt thermocouple measures the temperature change in the melt flow, which affects the consistency and thickness of the product.
The automatic probe I penetrates the molten flow at a rate of 0. 139 in.
/Min, generate continuous analog signals and indicate the position of the melting temperature and temperature sensing probe.
The pneumatic automatic probe II can penetrate the molten flow up to 1. 5 in.
In less than 1 second, the temperature of the predetermined point is induced and withdrawn to minimize the airflow disturbance.
Both models are in manual or automatic mode, 0-5 to 0-10 v d-
Output signal, range 0-1. 5 in.
Penetrate into the melt flow.
East Coast sensors
Production line for thermocouple and sensor.
Thermocouple is available for all ANSI calibration (
J, K, T, Type E)
Ground/ungrounded and exposed connections.
There are various probe configurations using nos. 304-
316 stainless steel and Inconel (no. 600)
Sheath material.
Temperature Electronic Development Laboratory-
Includes manual indication, control and recording of instruments
Handheld Digital and Analog thermometers, infrared thermometers, thermocouple sensors, scanners and controllers.
Temperature range from-
280 to 2000 F/C, [accuracy]+ or -]1 [degree]and 0. 1 [degree]
Resolution standard.
A thermocouple sensor for measuring the surface, sub-surface, liquid, melt, air and air of the mold with a precision close to 1 [degree]
And a quick response to 2000.
Hands do not touch
The handheld infrared thermometer is measured from 0 to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit and the fast reading is shown as 0. 1 [degree]
F resolution on large LCD.
The display displays a minimum, maximum, differential, and average temperature as well as a high/low sound alarm.
Adjustable radiation rate.
Professional and custom sensors are available. EMI CORP. Supplies D-M-
Intelligent series microprocessor
Based on temperature
Control modules, hosts, and accessories for running mode-free. All standard D-M-
E control including double
Display Module and computer interface module;
Accessories such as connectors, cables and junction boxes that support multiple configurations.
EMI voltage controller series in portable or panel-
Installation configuration and modular voltage
The control system is available in 5-, 10-or 30-
Amp rating, and 5-and 10-amp plug-
Used in modules installed in injection molding machine panels.
The system is solid.
Status and available in 2-, 3-, 5-and 10-
Rating in multiple amplifiers
Station enclosure. Four-and eight-
The station unit has a fixture shell; 12-, 16-or 24-
Station units include:12 enclosures. Circuit-
Circuit breaker protection and ammeter are included.
European control Limited
The temperature controller is highly configurable and versatile for OEM and end-user implementation.
Automatically set the algorithm to determine the optimal PID parameter value for the installation.
When starting from the environment, the algorithm minimizes the over-tuning of the set point.
Model of 90 series controller and alarm unit designed for cost-
Conscious application and availability in 1/16and 1/8-DIN units. The 1/8-
The DIN 808 model features dual displays, two control outputs, alarm outputs, and digital communications.
Built-in cooling of air, water and oil
Algorithm in cooling. Also built-
At the automatic/manual station. Full-
Featured model 818 adds other possibilities such as analog retransmission and remote input, two alarm outputs, and adaptive tuning.
EXTECH Instruments
The series of temperature/process controllers and indicators includes the VT series 1/16-DIN (48VT)and 1/4-DIN (96VT)
Self-tuning PID controller. Dual four-
Digital LED display of set points and process variables.
The input includes the thermocouple, thermal resistance, current and voltage. One-
The Touch Auto-Tuning function automatically calculates the best PID value for optimal control over a particular application.
Can also be used for on/off control.
Control action 5A relay, 4-
20 mA current, or pulse 24 v d-
C driving solid-state relay. User-
Heating or cooling applications are available. Five-
The Amp alarm relay outputs the standard on both models and two on the 96VT.
Other units including 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-
DIN temperature controller with analog or digital setting point and on/off or proportional control.
Temperature Indicators include 1/8-
DIN and micro unit for thermocouple and RTD input.
Options include mV or 4-
Current output of 20 mA.
Switch boxes and multi-point monitors for up to 10 locations can be monitored. FAST HEAT INC.
Microprocessor conductor series-
Based on temperature
The control system includes modules, mainframes, cables, junction boxes and mobile racks.
The module has automatic soft, allowing progressive heater preheating based on the ground
Fault leakage current to prevent heater failure due to moisture.
The series has diagnostic error information for 14 trouble-shooting modules, thermocouple or heaters. Three-
Alarm indicator when the heater temperature is too high or too low or causes a ground fault.
Multi-function LED display, dual
Function digital setting point, automatic compensation for thermocouple failure.
Various standard electrical configurations include 240-v a-c or 120-v a-c, one-or three-
Phase, common Europe 5-wire systems. Standard 15-and 30-
Amplifier module output. Data-
The communication capability using the SPI communication protocol allows the interface heat of the molder
The injection molding machine that is also equipped directly uses the gate control system.
Standard hosts include 5-slot, 9-slot and 12-slot systems.
Large multi-zone cabinet systems in up to 85 areas have been built. Self-
Including single
The area chassis controller is equipped with standard control cables of 10 and 20 feet.
In addition, there is a range of thermocouple, wires and accessories, as well as all common ISA types such as J, K and T, as well as special alloys suitable for applications requiring temperatures up to 4200 F.
Accessories include plug, Jack and adapter. FLO-TECH, INC. High-pressure-
The rated thermometer probe is a precision platinum thermal resistance unit with max.
300 F and maximum temperature ratings.
The pressure rating is 7500 psi.
Can be inserted directly into the flow of hydraulic or fluid material and provide 3-
Quick response from Sec.
The 1/8 non-proliferation treaty subject thread eliminates the need for special fittings with insert lengths ranging from 1 to 3 1/2. DTM-100 panel-
Installation temperature reading 3/4-in.
The LCD display is visible in ambient lighting.
High packaging
Impact the plastic box and bracket in 3. 62 x 3.
62 panel cuts (1/4-DIN). Standard 0-to-
The rear terminal provides 10 v recorder output.
No internal modifications are required and can be wired for 120 or 240 v, 50 or 60Hz.
Matching readings are available: Model DPM-
100 of pressure or force; and model DRM-
100, the rate of traffic, RPM, or FPM can be displayed. GAMMAFLUX, INC.
Offers analog 900 series and analog/digital 9000 series temperatures-
For thermal control system
Formed in a variety of shells.
7200 w 240 v, 720 w 240 v, 3600 w 120 v, 300 w 24 v and all d-c varieties. Single-
Area system that can be used to control the heating gate. Up to 128-
The area housing runs the largest multi-cavity tool.
No user required-
Tune and respond to shear heat and other process disturbances to minimize the process-
Temperature cycle, resulting in more consistent door and mold
Part quality and potential cycle
Time is shortened by allowing a lower set point temperature without freezing the gate.
The controller implements a comprehensive set of diagnostics to indicate and prevent heater and line failures.
Includes open and reverse thermocouple protection;
Open, short and ground-
Fault Circuit Protection;
Automatic, adaptive wetheater bakeout.
True RMS amp and volt meters allow viewing of power modulation during mold cycles to diagnose loose heaters or thermocouple crossing
Or analyze tool performance.
The 9000 series controller provides analog control and digital communication functions through the Gammanet network, which is convenient for SPC system setup, production monitoring, recipe storage and data collection.
The housing meets the strong industrial requirements and meets the film standards.
The special case meets Ford, General and IBM standards. GEFRAN INC.
Plastic-SP series
The volumetric capillary system ensures the highest thermal stability while minimizing the risk of process fluid contamination.
The accuracy and rapid response to temperature changes make the equipment less susceptible to flow erosion and increase the life span. Models 500 (1/16-DIN)and 1000 (1/8-DIN)single-
The cycle temperature controller has a dual LED display to view the process and set values at the same time.
Units that provide relay, logic, or triac Control output. Models 3300 (1/8-DIN)and 4300 (1/4-DIN)
The controller adopts backlight and multi-function LCD display; data-
Acquisition rate of 6 samples/second;
And digital communication capabilities.
Provides relay, logic, analog or electric actuator control output. Model 1020 1/8-DIN two-
Ring temperature controller with AC module
The splash-proof panel accepts two separate inputs.
Display and keyboard control are available for each channel.
Model 100,200,201 panel meter/alarm unit, 1/16-and 1/8-
DIN, fully configurable and with surface-
Installation technology for enhanced reliability.
Model 201 features 3 1/2-digit, 14-mm display; Model 100 a 3-digit, 14-mm display;
Model and 200 a 3-digit, 20-mm display.
Four operating software levels can only be accessed by entering code.
General eastern instrument for monitoring liquid temperatureI-I stainless-
Steel immersion sensors can be directly screwed into pipe fittings or sleeves.
For monitoring outdoor air temperature, TT-I-O/A.
GIC thermodynamic line for thermocouple, RTDs and heaters.
All kinds of meltingBolts and springs
The design of the loading can be provided, as well as accessories such as leads, accessories and connectors. HAAKE INC.
Loop line by temperature-
Control module and Bath container.
More than 70 circulators, recyclers and low temperature thermostats cover from-216 F to 720 F. HARREL, INC. Three-
Electronic Temperature control including Plugin, single-
Microprocessor Channel
Model-based, coupled with compact multi-area unit lines, panels-mounted, 16-and 32-zone modules.
Remote Installation of auxiliary modules consisting of 30 channels, each working under the supervision of the panel, capacity can be extended to any number of areasmounted unit.
For extrusion applications, whether single
A multi-region model can use a patented Duosense system that uses deepand shallow-
Good temperature sensor for faster response and longer life without sacrificing depth accuracywell sensing.
There are also adjustable RTD temperature sensors for extrusion and injection molding machines. HES DIV. DAVIS-
Standard HES temperature controller with patent double
The Thermocouple design maintains accurate temperature control during critical production processes.
One thermocouple is located in the heater/cooler and the other in the deepest part of the barrel, corrective heating or cooling measures can be taken to quickly stabilize the surface temperature of the inner barrel and automatically complete without adjustment.
In addition, the formula function reduces the amount of scrap made during start-up and grading
Change operation. HONEYWELL INC.
STT 3000 smart temperature transmitter contains appearance
Table for all standard thermocouple and resistor bulbs.
Select the appropriate type through SFC (
Smart field communicator)
Provide the required linearity to minimize spare parts
Part requirements.
The unit reads the highest and lowest inputs and has an external cold-
Junction compensation on a constant temperature block, as well as engineering units shown in C, F or R degrees, plus millivolts and ohms.
Can be installed on DIN rail or in explosion
Designed for surface or 2-in. pipe mounting.
Perform adjustments and diagnostic checks from remote locations via SFC.
Husky Injection Molding System Co. , Ltd.
The temperature controller series complements the company\'s hot spotsrunner systems.
It is reported that these devices do not require tuning and react strongly to shear heat and other process interference, thus minimizing the temperature cycle.
The potential cycle is said to be an additional advantage
Reduce time by lowering the set point temperature without the risk of Gate freezingoff.
The hoarse made by the controller Gammaflux. IMS CO. Closed-
Loop temperature-
Control module for 15 am ps and 120 or 240 v rated time-
Proportional power, automatic soft
The analog or digital display starts.
Housing for 1 to 12 areas is provided. Also single-
Area case with 30-
Amplifier output working under standard 15-
Amp module and open-
Loop module suitable for housing.
Closed independently-
Loop temperature controller with rated temperature of 15 am ps and 240 v, stored at 1-, 2-and 4-zone models.
Open independently-
Loop voltage controller with rated voltage of 5 or 15 am ps, 120 or 240 v
Equipment that reads heat directly-
Including DT-
Temperature indicator with LED display and 1/4
DIN case and heat retrofit
Melting thermocouple or matching-
Set nozzle through thermocouplehole and hot-
Melt the thermocouple. Hi-
Lo temperature alarms and monitors have adjustable high and low set values;
Indicate temperature of any type-J thermocouple;
A visual and audio alarm is triggered if the temperature is higher or lower than the low setting value.
Type thermocouple simulator
J or K is the reference for calibration temperature-
Sensing equipment. Hand-
Keeping the surface thermometer can read temperatures up to 600 F without touching the heat source. Also low-
Cost simulation unit with temperature of 900 F and fast-
Agent digital unit with temperature of 1650 degrees FahrenheitINCOE CORP. Hot-
Temperature Controller and control system for hot runner include Microcom 760 microprocessorbased, voltage-
Self-contained proportional temperature controller
Adjustment and response to 1/2 [degree]
From the change of the set value to the precise control of heat-
Sensitive processing.
With digital LED display, film data keyboard, ground-
Soft fault detection
Start, the thermocouple is disconnected from the protection, F to C can be switched, open-
Load indication and phase-angle firing.
15 or 30 amps, single
Area model and multi-area panel with 2 to 48 control areas.
Other models have been closed-
Loop proportional control in one or two areas, suitable for singlecavity molding. STC-10 single-zone, 10-
Amp model control bushing, machine nozzle or any single-
Control application. DTC-
10 models with 2 control areas at 10 am ps/zone with automatic control and soft control
Start heater protection. IRCON INC.
Non-contact infrared thermometer works in harsh environments50 to 6500 F.
Series offer-
Line thermometer, line-
Portable non-contact thermometer and low-scan thermal imaging systemcost two-
Wire transmitter.
The sensor \"sees\" objects as small as 0. 012 in.
And respond within 25 milliseconds.
Analog panel instruments for temperature monitoring and control.
The model 370 representing the temperature controller has a double set value, 3. 5-in.
Mirror scale and relay output.
Can be replaced directly in most devices.
Custom options are allowed.
Type 400 indicates the characteristic of the thermometer 4. 5-in.
Mirror scale, available with J-, K-, and T-
Type of thermocouple.
Southeast JMSCustom-
The designed thermocouple and RTDs include bayonet, plastic fuse Bolt, flexible
Adjustable armor, spring-
Adjustable depth thermocouple.
In addition, calibration equipment and services, interface hardware related to sensor applications, and an integrated combination of signal transmitters or sensors with transmitters.
JPI technology
FP13 microprocessor
Based on a multi-region temperature controller, up to 13 areas can be controlled.
The all-digital PID achieves complex control with minimum over-harmonic and fast set values.
The processing time is 10 MS/channel.
Standard functions include thermocouple input;
Heating/cooling capacity;
PID control, can be programmed in each area;
Four sets of settings are stored in RAM;
Error analysis and fault display;
Area numbers can be assigned;
And unified heating (
All areas are heated at the rate of the slowest area).
Options include a GA13 display unit that selectively indicates temperature, set point, T-
Set values and output percentages for all 13 regions;
Interface with IBM serial ports such as PC and machine logic.
KERNCO Instruments Limited, INC.
More than 60 analog and digital thermometers including industrial-type stainless-steel-
Stem and upright
Stem thermometer; panel-
Install instruments and transmitters with J-type, K-type, T-type and E-type thermocouple probes; strip-
Charts and circular Temperature recorders;
Infrared instrument for non-contact measurement (
Portable and remote models with 4-20 mA output);
Multi-channel, 4-20 mA or 0-5 v d-
C. temperature monitor with alarm systemFENWAL INC.
Temperature control includes electronic or mechanical (
Poor expansion or poor liquid expansion)types;
Expressed in numbers (LCD/LED)
Or analog display or not indicated;
Small or standard size; surface-
Installation or probe style;
And models of normal or harsh environments.
The sensors include thermal resistors and RTDs for local or remote sensing.
Land instruments
Minolta/Land portable Cyclops 343 and 79 hands-
Accurate positioning of handheld infrared thermometer
Temperature Measurement ([+ or -]1% of reading)on thin-
Film plastic in the measurement range of 30 to 700 degrees FahrenheitBattery-
The electric one-eyed giant 343 has a narrow
Band spectral response centered on 3. 43[[micro]meter]
And measure the hydrocarbon polymer film (PE, PP and PVC)
The thickness dropped to 0. 001 in.
One-eyed giant 79 has a narrow
Band spectral response centered on 7. 92 [[micro]meter]
Polyester, fluorine plastic and pi films with a thickness of 0 were also measured. 001 in.
Other features include Minolta focused reflective optical system for precise target definition; digital-
Temperature display in view;
Blocking of peak hold, Valley hold, or continuous operation; and built-
In the computing facility, calculate the maximum, minimum, or average value of a series of readings.
The unit can be a tripod-
The BCD output that is installed and has an optional printer/data logger.
Optional numbersto-
Analog Converters and dedicated printers.
LFE instruments analog and digital panel instruments and controllers include: * microprocessor-
LFE 2000 series 1/4-based-
DIN temperature and process controller with flexibility in general applications.
The standard option matches the controller to a specific application. Special-
Dual purpose controller
Loop, multi-profile and region-
Control application.
Custom features improve performance while simplifying operations.
* LFE 4500 series smart 1/8-
3 1/2-DIN meters and control metersand 4 1/2-digit vacuum-
Fluorescent Display.
Instrument for current, voltage, process, temperature or pressure input.
* LFE Model 4000 offers a clear, simple and customized view of the production process, easy access to the smart factory
Floor \"ac\" equipment.
Multi-tasking operating system and color characters-
Provides quick notifications of alerts and system conditions based on graphics.
The dedicated printer port provides a record of the occurrence, confirmation, and alarm clearing of the alarm, as well as a time and date stamp.
40 distributable front
Replace a large number of switches and keys-buttons. NEMA-
4 rated front panel Protection 14-in. CRT.
The model configuration process allows information and display to be adjusted when the device, factory layout, and information requirements change.
Analog circular, rectangular and edge panel meters are also provided;
Photoelectric analog instrument relay;
Digital panel meters and instrument relays;
And analog temperature controller.
Linear laboratory non-contact infrared sensors for continuous temperature measurement include fixed-
Installation unit with temperature range from 0 to 3000 F
Response time from 0. 1 ms to 1. 0 sec.
Portable equipment with temperature range-
The F and sensitivity from 70 to 2000 were from 0. 1 to 1. 0 [degree]F have 1-
Second response time
Love control company
Temperature control, sensor and output equipment including Model 1600 series low
Cost, microprocessorbased 1/16-
DIN control is fully programmable for different applications.
Optional digital communications and Lovelink software provides remote monitoring, data recording, and alarms for statistical quality control.
Other digital indication controls include lowcost 1/4-
DIN 400 series and 1/4-
DIN 300 series microprocessorbased controls.
Complete range of analog controls and indicators
Scale indication and output for all applications.
The 249 series has a solid
Status LED deviation indicator.
In addition, the manual portable control device
Fixed indicator, scr power controller, solid-
State relay and mercury displacement contactor are provided.
The sensor includes a thermocouple and an RTD or a thermal resistor probe.
Standards and customization
Sensors designed for fast delivery, including alternatives abroad. MASKOTE CORP.
See service construction instruments.
Mikron instruments
The M90 series portable infrared thermometer includes 15 models with a temperature range from 0 to 3000 °c. Two-
The color model provides temperature measurements independent of the radiation rate and is not affected by contaminants in the field of view.
Features include
The lens is aimed and clearly focused from 7.
To unlimited, and full range of data-
Ability to handle.
The software allows the device to be PC or compatible with any IBM. MOLD-MASTERS LTD.
SM20 hotline-
The wheel temperature controller for 4 to 80 areas includes heavy-duty-
Duty type connectors and cables.
220 v a output availablec or 24 v a-c/220 v a-
The maximum output current is 15 am ps.
Controller diagnostics prevents thermocouple and power wiring failure through reverse protectionleads, open-
Thermocouple, Short Circuit-
Heater and ground
Fault protection. Built-in 19-in.
The standard racks and cabinets allow a variety of cabinet sizes.
The stability and repeatability of the process are guaranteed by the piodine algorithm. High-
Speed data over-sampling provides reliable temperature conversion at the maximum resolution required for correct piodine control.
Standard interface connection provides standby temperature activation for heat handling-
Sensitive resin and alarm output connection if hot-
There is a parkour fault.
Build up by leveraging built-in SPC data
In the command set and in the optional graphical user system.
The optional communication package includes the SPC Serial Printer Interface and the SPI protocol accessible through the RS485 connection. NANMAC CORP.
Patent ribbon
Temperature sensors for molding and extrusion measurements include A6A series springs-Bayonet.
Measurement of in-style ribbon thermocouple
The wall temperature of the barrel has no error caused by the conduction of the thermocouple rod.
The real local temperature in the metal wall can be measured without all conduction errors caused by external air flow, mounting fixtures and metal protective tubes.
The C4 series thermocouple measures the temperature in the mold cavity at a millisecond response time.
A group measures the temperature of the part in the mold cavity during molding and curing.
The other group measures the temperature of the inner surface of the wall.
They can all be installed in the existing lead perforation as a thermocouple and lead pin.
When the material flows through the extruder nozzle, the temperature is measured by the 8 series thermocouple.
With a millisecond-level response time, you can run in a continuous or periodic application.
There are also traditional temperature sensors, controllers, indicators and accessories.
Ogden Manufacturing Company
Temperature control includes: * ETR-4080 1/4-
DIN microprocessor
Temperature control with automatic tuning function. Menu-
The driver provides configurable process parameters such as input type and F or C display. Dual, four-
Digital Display allows to view the process and set point temperature at any time.
When off, the non-volatile memory retains the process parameters. Two selectable-
The function secondary output allows high, low limits or alarms. ETR-
175 has an additional proportional output of the process that requires a cooling function.
* ETR 8080 1/8-
DIN microprocessorBased on automatic
Tuned temperature control.
All the control parameters are preordered.
The panel is configurable. The 1/2-in.
The dual display allows to view the process and set points at any time.
Optional parameters include Input type, F or C display, control mode, and heating or cooling.
Provides two secondary outputs to choose from
Function alarm or limit.
Additional proportional output of the process that requires cooling function appears in the ETR-8085.
* ETR 9090 1/16
DIN microprocessor
Temperature control function based on automatic tuning.
Because all control functions are pre-positioned, no dip switch or key is required
Adjustable panel.
The depth of the panel is 3 1/2-in.
Other features include double screen, slopeto-
Adjustable alarm function including alarm lag.
Omega Engineering Limited
Temperature Controller and monitor including thermocouple, RTD and infrared sensor.
The controller can be selected with simple on/off or PID control, automatic tuning, event signal generation and ramp/soak programming. Single-and multi-
Loop controller provided as supportalone or panel-mounted units.
Extended warranty for products and custom works for specific applications.
Omron Electronics Co. , Ltd.
The electronic temperature controller has self-tuning PID and host-
Computer Communication.
Available in popular sizes, including 1/4-, 1/8-and 1/16-DIN.
The new E5AX controller with SPI protocol allows temperature adjustment between various molding, extrusion and other equipment in the plastic manufacturing unit.
Penn EngineeringSCR-
A-based on power control and contactor control-c and d-
C adjust the power of the electric heating.
Series A Type 11
C contactor, replacement of mechanical and electrical contactor and Mercury relay, available in single-phase or three-
Phase versions of all standard voltages to 600-v a-
C, sizes vary from 10 to 1200 amps/phase.
All units are tested and run up to 600 times/min, running more than 0. 2 billion times in a row without component failure.
Used with on/off temperature controller. Also single-Phase IIIphase a-c variable-
Voltage control of electric heating ratio control.
10 to 1200 amps/phase available at all standard voltages to 600-v a-c.
The 18-series controls are available in both stages-angle or zero-
Fired version, is a replacement for variable transformers.
The device can be operated manually or equipped with analog milli-amp or d-
C voltage signal from the temperature controller or PLC.
Various control options ensure adaptability to different applications.
Company 36 series d-
C. Power Control acceptance formphase or three-phase a-
C voltage input with variable d-c output.
Available at all standard voltages 600-v a-c.
Sizes range from 10 to 1200 amps/phase.
Replacement of rotating motor
As a d-generator setc power source.
Series 18A thermocouple temperature controller with a proportional control interface of 18 or 36 series to provide closure-
Cycle temperature control.
In any one complete
Scale indication or temperature-
Deviation version.
Can be set for various temperature ranges and thermocouple types.
Power Process control provides system functions through various processes-
Control devices including digital process controllers, process monitors, and process programmers. Single-
Control the loop controller and monitor of the independent loop or the whole factory.
L/8-instruments availableand 1/4-DIN sizes.
The thermocouple and RTD temperature sensors include fixed and adjustable immersion, ring, nozzle and melting-bolt types.
Other manufacturing items include connectors, temperature indicators, sensor selector switches, and temperature-
Calibration Instrument. RAYTEK, INC.
Non-contact infrared temperature-
Measuring instruments include Raynger series portable devices for terminals
Internet user market and Thermalert line
Series of thermometers for OEM customers and large end users. On-
Production line products include Thermalert ET, a self-
Non-contact temperature sensor for process monitoring and control;
Thermalert Series 3, 4 and 6 with laser-
The factory\'s aiming headfloor use;
Non-contact thermocouple for OEM applications.
The Thermalert MP4 line scanner provides a color display of the process. The 3.
The 43 heads are specially designed to measure the film, while the 7 heads.
9 heads can be used in other plastics.
The portable infrared thermometer series includes the Raynger PM series and the Raynger II Plus series, which include laser aiming and laser aiming for basic factory maintenance for use in manufacturing, process control and maintenanceRdF CORP. Micro-
The nominal sensitivity of the foil heat flow sensor is 2.
2 V/Btu /[ft. sup. 2]-
Hr with maximum heat-
Flux ratings for 20 to 30 Btu /[ft. sup. 2]-sec.
Sensors are available with integrated thermocouple.
Service construction instrument Department
Thermometers and sensors for handling temperature measurements at each stage.
The thermometer has analog and digital types in the temperature range150 to 2000 F (And C reading).
Sensors are used for surface, melting and soaking, oven and free air, and there are many variations in each category.
Sensors will be customized for special applications.
Solid control company
The modular temperature controller includes functions such as digital precision setting points and gold contact points, which are reported to be better resistant to dirt, corrosion and vibration. All-
The metal case is not affected by high temperature and humidity.
Options include local
D-remote point setting function
Output signal andc/d-C alarm output.
Remote digital scanning heads monitor up to eight optional heating areas.
The scanner can operate in manual mode, step through each area by command, or in automatic mode with scan rate of 0. 5 to 1. 5 sec/zone.
Spear Systems Ltd.
AXC microprocessorbased hot-
Hot runner temperature controller with manual
Keep the operator interface running 24-
When storing 15 mold data, cavity molds with 150 set points.
The AXC controller automatically switches from fully automatic start-up program to fully automatic production control, which has the characteristic of slow speed
Start, before entering production mode, make sure all parameters are running within the safe operating area.
Other features include open-or closed-
Loop Current/temperature (PID)
Control of all probes, over-current protection, complete automatic mold diagnosis, complete alarm protection, record of control data on PC and printer output of all operation and diagnostic modes.
The console unit can run up to 96 cavities and use memory cards for instant setting.
Optional graphic package provides color display of all or pre-selected heating areas in the bar-graph format. SQUARE D CO. See Ircon, Inc. SYSCON-
RKC International Limited
The range of temperature and process control ranges from the most basic discrete control to multi-area control with SPC functions.
M5E extruder control is reported to be one of the most advanced controls in the field. New Farex-
The SR Mini general controller system consists of small compact DIN rails
Installation temperature-
Control Module installed inside the panel. Single-or two-
The area module accepts a thermocouple, RTD, or continuous voltage and current input, as well as a switching relay, S Rs, or current output device.
Optional hot/cold module, loop interrupt and heater interrupt alarm. REX-F240 1/8-DIN and REX-F290 1/4-
DIN temperature controller with universal built-in-
Input and output.
The instrument uses the \"fuzzy logic\" algorithm to suppress overshooting, start-up and process interference in the production process.
Century Series offers 1/16, 1/8-, 1/4-DIN and 72-
Mm instruments, easy to use
Easy to use key operation and design.
Other features include 4-
Digital Display and doublealarm system;
Heat/cold for extrusion process;
Optional cycle interrupt alarm (LBA)
Alarm for broken heater (HBA);
100-power supply voltage option240 v, 24-v d-c or 24-v a-c; field-
The type of thermocouple that can be selected; and two-
Horizontal operation method (
SV level and PID level).
The advanced process controller has a \"brilliant\" PID;
Enhanced Automatic tuning;
Ramp/soak control;
Programmable input; front-panel bar-graph display;
Steps, wait and repeat functions; time signal; end output;
And external contact input.
The 500 series offers turnkey systems and brackets
Separate product for data acquisition and process control.
System size from 8-
Channel control to 96-
2300 control and quality within Channel factory
Monitoring System.
The device is connected to most industrial sensors, transmitters, sensors or signal regulators.
Most products can be set on the front panel of the instrument or remotely programmed from the PC.
Advanced functions such as scale offset, process alarm, alarm display, alarm output, control output, etc.
Dongyuan Motor Manufacturing Co. , Ltd. Low-
Cost temperature control and rampand-
Soaking temperature programmer
MDC4E temperature controller has a self-tuning PID control with a small 1/16-
DIN cabinets and users-
Programmable for temperature range, thermocouple type or RTD. MPC10S ramp-and-
Soaking temperature program with self-tuning PID control and 10 slopes-and-
Soak steps, repeat the profile up to 99 times, easy to use and program.
It\'s located at 1/4-DIN panel-Install the cabinet.
The MDC10 temperature controller has all the functions of the smaller MDC4E, but has the additional RS232 interface function, so the controller can be driven by a computer.
MDC10 controller with 1/4-DIN panel-Install the cabinet. TESTOTERM INC. Temperature-
From basic digital pocket thermometers to innovative manual measuring instrumentsheld units.
Each unit provides a variety of probes for surface, immersion, air or penetration applications.
The instrument uses Type K, Type J, NTC or RTD sensors with a temperature range from-300 F to 2490 F.
Professional-grade instruments feature features such as split display, dual probe input, max/min/hold, and optional recorder modules for recording and printing. TEXMATE INC. Offers 1/16-, 1/8-and 1/4-
DIN temperature controller for heating, cooling, plastic extrusion, scientific instruments and general industrial use.
The Rs23c and RS485 serial interfaces, the multi-ring KR4 unit, and the supporting RTD and thermocouple indicators.
Thermal power company, INC.
Thermocouple, thermocouple wire and temperature controller for all types of extrusion, injection and molding.
Wide range of standard bayonet and melt
Flow thermocouple assembly and hardware.
Thermocouple and interconnect systems have also been customized.
Wire products include PVC-
General insulation-
Purpose interconnect, high
Temperature Insulation and steel armor for mechanical protection.
The temperature controller range includes 1/4-and 1/8-
DIN model with adaptive tuning for continuous automatic setting of control parameters.
Total Temperature Instruments
The PYZ5 heating/cooling of Fuji Electric is fully programmable 1/8-
DIN microprocessor
Based on the temperature controller.
PID self-tuning when heating;
The cooling band, cycle time and dead band can be independently tuned from the front panel.
4 led display process temperature and set value.
The status indicator displays the status of the heating, cooling, and alarm output. .
Fuzzy PYX series
1/16-logic controller, 1/8-and 1/4-
DIN size, providing precise control during start-up and process, with little overtone.
A free monitoring package, as well as a loop, is available and can communicate with it.
Heater alarm-
Interrupt alarm, analog retransmission and 8-
Segment programmer for ramp/soak application.
United Electrical Control Company
Temperature control range from-
The thermocouple and RTDs are 180 F to 2250 F.
The 970 series is 1/4-
Control-based with automatic adjustment function.
The 930 series controls provide economical single or double outputs.
WATLOW Electric MFG. CO. Controls Div.
Manufacturing standards and custom controls and indicators in a variety of packages (1/2-, 1/4-, 1/8-and 1/16-DIN, open-
Plate, sealed, potted; inputs (
Thermocouple, RTD, process); and outputs (solid-
State, switch d-
Mechanical relay (process); serial-
Communication options (RS422/423, EIA-485);
Agency approval (
Calibration curve (DIN, JIS).
Also produces mercury displacement relays (MDRs)
Infrared sensors and solids
State power control (scrs).
Compact 965 series 1/16-
Standard DIN temperature controller
4 X front panel for waterproofing and corrosion resistance in harsh environments, single thermocouple or RTD inputs and dual outputs.
Hot output and automatic tuning provide quick setup and operation. User-
Optional process or deviation alarm can control the auxiliary process and alarm.
The setting point and the actual temperature are displayed digitally at the same time. Accuracy of [+ or -]0. 1% of span. WATLOW/AOV INC. Rugged spring-
The loading bayonet thermocouple is suitable for measuring the machining mechanical temperature of the cross head, barrel and mold. Pipe-
The fixture adapter can be used to measure the pipe wall and bearing temperature, manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel in 0. 187-in. diam.
The standard length is 36, 48, 72,96 and 120.
SS weaving, SS flexible tubes, bayonet, immersion and melting-ANSI instruments of type J, K, T and RTD
Bolt style with bayonet, T/C compensation plug, NPT or compression-
Accessories terminals.
Flexible thermocouple extensions and other styles including customization
Design can be provided.
Temperature Controller from basic on/off analog control/meter to full PID microprocessor-based digital-
Programmable control system. Custom UL-
Approved temperature-
From simple 120-control systemv, low-
Power Controller for multi-zone 480-v, three-phase, 100-
Add kw process control system.
In addition, various temperature sensors, monitors, controllers and recorders are provided.
West instruments.
Temperature/process controller and thermocouple include 1/4, 1/8-and 1/16-DIN single-
Regional Controller with on/off to full PID control; analog, single-or dual-Digital Display; solid-
Status and microprocessorbased;
Manual adaptive continuous adaptivetuning; heat-
Output only and double heat/cold; stand-
A computer network can be used or used separately.
The Guardsman series of multi-area control systems in a small, simple-to-install, low-cost package.
Continuous adaptive
Tuning, auto/manual mode, serial communication and plugin memory-
Card recipe storage is standard.
Options include setpoint programming, remote front panel and Westlink processes-
Control software connected to the monitoring computer.
Williamson companyOn-
On-line and/or portable infrared thermometers provide non-contact temperature measurements of plastic film, plastic extrusion, coating, molded parts and plastic in almost all types of processes.
Instruments for all purposes, from occasional places-
Check the temperature-
Production line temperature-Control system.
It is easy to complete difficult temperature measurements using a highly accurate, extremely narrow thermometer, for example on a tenter frame of a very thin film
Infrared filter.
This technology enables the device to accurately measure the surface temperature of the film without the need to pass through the film or be affected by the background.
Monitor and control temperature during infrared or thermal heating
By actually measuring the product temperature itself, rather than trying to infer its temperature, an auxiliary technique such as measuring the temperature of the air or heater can be used to estimate the product temperature. YOKOGAWA CORP.
UT14 1/8 of the United States-
DIN and UT15 1/4
Built-in DIN controllerin and field-
Optional universal input (
9 thermocouple, 2 RTDs, millivolt, d-
C voltage or current)and outputs (relay, 4-20mA or 15 v d-c pulse)
2 externally selectable set points, 2 configurable alarms, and automatic tuning that meets the following criteria3 front face.
Unit contains blur-logic-
Expert operation interface based on artificial intelligence (AI)
The application, which controls the change of the set point or process interference so that the process variable is stable to the target set point smoothly without overtuning. Units have [+ or -]0.
3% accuracy and handle most temperature, level, pressure or other general-purpose loops.
Simulation retransmission of process variables and RS422-
Optional multi-ring communication function.
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