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The 4th China International Import EXPO

The 4th China International Import EXPO


At the CIIE, Accenture released a white Paper on China's Energy Companies' Low-carbon Transformation: Innovative Technologies Unlock New Sustainable Value. Accenture said the transformation of the energy industry will have a profound impact on China's efforts to achieve the goal of "dual carbon". The rapid development of digital technology has brought an opportunity to build a sustainable future. "Chinese energy enterprises can integrate low-carbon digital intelligent solutions into their core business and the whole industrial chain, fully release the value of carbon reduction and achieve sustainable development".

Both inside and outside the venue, participants discussed online and offline ways to strengthen international cooperation and envision the future of green development. We need to shift to more sustainable patterns of production and consumption, said Pamela Cock-Hamilton, executive Director of the International Trade Center, a joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, at the fourth Hongqiao International Economic Forum sub-forum on "Green Development and new Patterns of global Economy and Trade in the Context of Climate Change". 'We are trying to further integrate sustainability into our business strategy and brand building,' said Roberto Azevedo, executive vice president and chief group officer of PepsiCo and a former wto director-general. Only by working together can we jointly preserve the earth's biodiversity.


The CIIE has set up the "Low-carbon Energy and Environmental Protection Technology Zone", with the theme of "Low-carbon Development, Green Recovery", to build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between global energy and environmental protection enterprises. Siemens Energy uses augmented virtual reality interactive technology to showcase low-carbon technologies and products in the value chain of the energy industry around the themes of "Future-oriented power generation", "decarbonized energy industry applications" and "Fadding the future". An official of Siemens Energy said that China's road map to achieve the "dual carbon" goal is becoming increasingly clear, energy companies will embrace greater market opportunities and growth opportunities, and Siemens will deepen cooperation with Its Chinese partners in technological innovation and regional development.




Harmonious coexistence, green and sustainable. Green, circular and low-carbon development is the direction of today's scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. China is committed to the path of eco-friendly, green and low-carbon development, which will inject more impetus into the pursuit of stronger, green and healthy global development.

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