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The advantages and disadvantages of fabric duct are distinguished from permeability and antibacterial performance

The advantages and disadvantages of fabric duct are distinguished from permeability and antibacterial performance


For the choice of bag air duct, many people do not know how to choose the air duct on the market. Today we are going to talk about how to identify the advantages and disadvantages of fabric duct from the permeability of fiber fabric, antibacterial performance, water resistance, three aspects.

1. Permeability

Fabric air duct can prevent condensation without heat preservation because of its material characteristics. But the choice of permeability is the key to prevent condensation. If permeability is too small, it is easy to condense under refrigeration condition. However, if the permeability is too large, the static pressure in the fabric air duct will be reduced, the pipe will not be full, so that the air supply distance will be shortened, and the air supply area can not reach the due effect. Therefore, whether the appropriate permeability can be selected to ensure that no condensation is also a qualified brand consideration.

2. Antibacterial performance

The food industry is also an industry in which fabric duct is widely used. Therefore, antibacterial and mildew proof is also an important performance of fabric duct. In particular, places with high humidity, such as slaughtering plants and cutting plants, are more likely to breed bacteria. A good fabric duct can provide a guarantee for food safety.

3. Washable

Fabric air duct is light in weight, easy to install and disassemble, and can be removed and cleaned at any time when a section or the surface is dirty and needs cleaning. Good washing resistance and washing rate of change can ensure that the various properties of the air duct after washing do not change, does not affect the quality and service life of the fabric air duct.

The above are important parameters to judge the merits of fabric duct, and there are some auxiliary parameters such as wear resistance, safety category and thermal aging for reference. Of course, a high quality product not only includes the product itself, but also includes the technology and service of the product.

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