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The advantages and disadvantages of platinum-rhodium thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Platinum rhodium thermocouple is one of the many types of temperature sensors, and applications are often used in industry. But we know that no matter how good a product, it has certain defects. So we are in the process of using, should pay attention to avoid the disadvantages brought about by the error of platinum-rhodium thermocouple and fault, give full play to its advantages, to help us precise measurement. Platinum-rhodium thermocouple advantages platinum-rhodium thermocouple in the thermocouple series has high accuracy, good stability, test your area wide, long service life, high temperature limit, etc. Suitable for oxidation and inert atmosphere, can also be short term used in vacuum, but does not apply to reducing atmosphere or containing metal or nonmetal steam atmosphere. B type thermocouple is an obvious advantage don't need a compensation for the compensation conductor, because in the range of 0 ~ 50 ℃ and internal potential less than 3 mu v. Platinum-rhodium thermocouple faults platinum-rhodium thermocouple deficiency is thermoelectric potential, thermoelectric potential rate of small, low sensitivity and mechanical strength under high temperature to drop, is sensitive to pollution, precious metal materials is expensive, and one-time investment is larger.
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