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The advantages of fabric air duct than traditional duct

The advantages of fabric air duct than traditional duct


Compared with other architectural structures, the application of fabric air duct in large space has the advantages of large span, beautiful appearance, fast construction speed, recyclable materials, long service life and so on. Therefore, with the rapid development of economy, fabric air duct has slowly become the mainstream of large buildings, but also got rapid development.

The advantages of fabric air duct in large space are as the following:

1.Surface type air blowing, large air flow, no blowing sense  

The fabric air duct adopts the unique surface air outlet mode of permeating air and microporous jet, with large air outlet area, large air volume, low wind speed, no blowing sense and excellent comfort.

2.Whole air blowing is evenly distributed

Fabric air duct system through the fiber gap of the whole pipe wall or evenly distributed through the design of multi-row holes, air distribution at each point uniform, to achieve the real ideal overall uniform air supply.


Fabric air duct system penetrates cold air through the fiber of the whole pipe wall, forming cold air layer outside the pipe wall, so that there is almost no temperature difference between inside and outside the pipe wall, completely solving the problem of condensation, without the need for pipeline insulation.

4.Easy to clean and maintain, healthy and environmentally friendly

Fabricair duct system is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and it can be convenient to wipe and clean the pipe, so as to improve the clean quality of indoor air and meet the higher requirements of health and environmental protection.

5.Beautiful high-grade, colorful, personalized outstanding

A variety of colors can maintain harmony with any indoor environment style, simple and high-grade. At the same time, the system and color completely personalized design and customization.

6.Light weitht

Fabric air duct system is made of special fibers and weighs extremely light, about 1/40 of the traditional metal wind system. It is especially suitable for places where the roof has no bearing capacity.

7.Quiet operation, improve environmental quality

The material of fabric air duct system is soft, the wind speed is low when running, it will not produce and transfer resonance, quiet, and improve the environmental quality.

8.Simple installation and short engineering period

Fabric air duct system adopts special supporting steel rope or aluminum rail suspension system, simple and quick, installation time is often more than 1/10 of the traditional system, greatly shortening the engineering cycle.

9.Flexible installation, reusable

Whole fabric air duct system is made of soft material, without leveling and calibration during installation. When used, it will not be as easy as metal piping system to be scratched, dented, leakage and other phenomena, and the system suspension device is flexible, easy to install, can be reused, in all kinds of temporary ventilation is the best choice.

10.Comprehensive cost saving, cost-effective

The design scheme of fabric air duct system is simpler than the traditional air supply system, and it replaces the traditional air supply pipe, air valve, diffuser, tuyere and other parts, accessories and insulation materials and other single products. It is extremely light in weight, easy to transport and install, and saves the total cost of the system comprehensively.


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