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The advantages of industrial bimetal thermometer, rounding

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
Instrument, is a professional production sales of the bimetallic thermometer manufacturers, bimetallic thermometer at the core of instrument products, mainly has the following advantages: (1) meter precision grade reaches 1. Level 0, instrument shell with anti-corrosion materials, its temperature resistance can be as high as 200 & deg; C, lowest - 40° C。 (2) whether detachable structure or piping structure, unique sealing process, corrosion resistance, good waterproof performance. (3) protection tube welding using its own process of argon arc welding, weld and firm, intergranular corrosion small, beautiful appearance. (4) dial printing plate is aluminum oxidation, surface and clear aesthetic appearance. 5. The dial is adjustable, can facilitate calibration temperature. As a factory, the advantages of the instrument and can customize according to customer's table of various specifications. Both installation tooth head, flange and tube length header size, temperature, can accept custom requirements. Bimetallic thermometer meet the demand of field temperature measurement, which can be directly measured in the process of various production - 40~+600° C range of all kinds of medium and surface temperature. Another instrument of the bimetallic thermometer has a variety of structure and form can choose: (1) type axial bimetallic thermometer: pointer vertical connection tube plate and protection. (2) the radial type bimetallic thermometer: pointer GuanPing line connection plate and protection. (3) universal type bimetallic thermometer: pointer plate connected to the protecting tube Angle can be arbitrary adjustment. Of course, the size of the dial, there is one inch, a 3/4 inch, a three 8 inch, 2 inch, two and a half inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, six inches and other header size to choose from. If any doubt about bimetal thermometer, you can dial instrument 24-hour hotline: 400 - 821 - 0783.
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