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The air conditioning system uses fabric ducts for quiet and comfortable air supply

The air conditioning system uses fabric ducts for quiet and comfortable air supply


In the central air conditioning project, the commonly used air duct is galvanized iron sheet air duct, inorganic FRP air duct, composite air duct, etc. These are belong to the hard pipe, especially of galvanized steel duct and inorganic glass fiber reinforced plastic duct strength, it is easy to satisfy the requirement of the air duct static pressure, but not their own silence, like a galvanized iron duct sometimes noise from transportation equipment will be transferred to work, so you need to add silencing cover and silencing silencing fittings such as elbow.

Compared with galvanized iron sheet air duct and inorganic FRP air duct, the strength of fabric air duct is relatively low, but it can meet the requirements of pressure 2000Pa. The shape of the fabric duct is round, which is unable to be achieved by any other composite duct and general iron duct. The circular duct is the duct with the least friction. In addition, because the air distribution system is a flexible material, the noise reduction effect is also better.

Noise can be emotionally irritating, and in order to maintain good staffing, JVTIADUCT recommends that you use fabric air ducts as the end supply of your central air-conditioning system. JVTIADUCT is the world's leading supplier of environmental industrial products and fabric duct technology. It has accumulated experience in the design and implementation of various types of projects at home and abroad, and summarized several sets of fiber fabric duct installation methods for different places, to ensure that customers can provide industry-leading service and quality assurance.

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