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The application and principle of the thermocouple analysis _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple is a kind of low temperature zone is commonly used in the temperature detector. Its main characteristic is high accuracy, stable performance. The platinum thermocouple measuring accuracy is high, it is not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, and is made into standard benchmark instrument. 1. Thermocouple temperature measuring thermocouple temperature measurement principle and the material is based on the metal conductor resistance value increases with the increase of the temperature of the properties for temperature measurement. Thermocouples are mostly made of pure metal materials, the application is more platinum and copper, in addition, now has started using survey, nickel, manganese and rhodium thermocouple materials such as manufacturing. 2. Thermocouple temperature measurement system of thermocouple temperature measurement system in general by thermocouple, connecting wires and digital display table, etc. Must pay attention to the following two points: (1) thermocouple and digital display table index number must be consistent (2) in order to eliminate the influence of the connection wire resistance change, must use three wire connection.
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