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The application of high temperature thermocouple principle

by:JVTIA     2020-11-08
High-temperature thermocouple for different temperature range and measured media and adopt different high strength wear resistant protection tube and surface modification measures, constitute a wear-resisting pipe type of materialization structure.

in some special occasions, such as chemical plants, refineries, power plants, cement plants, etc. , using ordinary thermocouple, heat resistance is easy to damage. Therefore, where a high temperature thermocouple must be followed, Resistance) 。 The thermocouple ( Resistance) Especially for export, fluidized bed, the coal mill, secondary air temperature coal and cement industry. High temperature corrosion thermocouple are suitable for all kinds of production process of high temperature, corrosion resistance, widely used in petroleum industry, smelting temperature glass and ceramic industry.

the working principle of thermocouple is: two different components of conductor on both ends of the welding, forming circuit, direct measure WenDuan call side, the measurement terminal end call reference end. When measuring the client and when there is a difference in temperature reference end will produce thermal current in circuit, connected to display instrument, instrument will indicate the thermocouple thermoelectric emf generated by the corresponding temperature value. The thermocouple thermoelectric emfs growth over the course of measuring the temperature, the size of the thermoelectric emfs and thermocouple temperature difference on both ends of the conductor material and, only has nothing to do with hot electrode length and diameter.
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