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The application of integration of thermocouple temperature transmitter characteristics _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Thermocouple temperature transmitter integration of the characteristics of the application integration of thermocouple temperature transducer and display instrument usually, recording instrument, such as the electronic computer, the output of 4 - 20 ma, direct measurement of production site of carbon - chlorine compounds such as explosives 200℃- 1300 ℃ range of liquid, steam gas mass and the solid surface temperature. The characteristics of 1, 4 - two wire output 20 ma, strong anti-jamming capability, save 2 compensation conductor and 3 temperature transmitter installation cost, safe and reliable, long service life. 4, the cold end temperature automatic compensation and nonlinear correction circuit working principle of the integration of thermocouple temperature transmitter explosion-proof thermocouple using the clearance flame-proof principle, when an explosion cavity, can remove from heat and cooling by joint clearance, the explosion flame temperature not reach all cavity, thus to explosion. Thermocouple ( Resistance) The electric potential ( Resistance) Unbalanced signals are generated from the bridge of temperature transmitter, converted into 4 - after amplification 20 ma dc signal to the instrument, the instrument will show the corresponding temperature value.
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