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The application of pt100 flange thermal resistance is introduced

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
Fixed flange thermal resistance characteristics of

fixed flange low temperature zone of the most commonly used in thermal resistance is a kind of temperature detector. Thermal resistance temperature measurement is based on the metal conductor resistance value increases with the increase of the temperature of the properties for temperature measurement. Thermal resistance is mostly made of pure metal materials, the application at present most is platinum and copper, in addition, now has started using survey, nickel, manganese and rhodium materials such as thermal resistance.

the application of fixed flange thermal resistance

fixed flange thermal resistor is used metal resistance also will change when the temperature changes itself to the principle of the measuring temperature. According to its protection in the form of tube structure fabricated ( Removable) And armoured type ( Sealed, built-in platinum resistance) 。 Field application is at present more prefabricated thermal resistance mainly includes the index number of Pt100 platinum thermal resistance and dividing Cu50 copper heat resistance of two kinds big.

fixed flange thermal resistance can be directly connected with secondary instrument to use. Can be measured from various production process 200 ℃ to 420 ℃ within the scope of the liquid, steam and gas medium and the temperature of the solid surface.

because it has good electrical output characteristic, for display, data recorder, recorder, controller, scanner and computer to provide accurate temperature signal.
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