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The application of temperature and humidity sensor is introduced

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
The temperature sensor and humidity sensor applications are very broad, temperature sensor is used to detect changes in temperature, humidity sensor is used to detect the humidity change. And the temperature and humidity appear on the market, is the integrated application of temperature sensor and humidity sensor, is a kind of which can detect changes in temperature, and can detect humidity sensor.

the temperature and humidity sensor application is very extensive, such as building automation, telecommunications, computer room, papermaking, warehousing logistics, shopping mall, hotel, museums, theaters, cinemas, railway stations, agricultural greenhouse, hospitals, such as weather, clean workshop environment. Temperature and humidity sensors are commonly so, wall temperature and humidity sensor, of course, also have a plug in temperature and humidity sensor, the temperature and humidity sensors are generally used in the oven so on.

temperature and humidity sensor greatly promoted the development of the sensor, also makes the sensor with a new train of thought, such as temperature sensor and pressure sensor are often used together, the future it is possible to develop the integration of sensors, temperature and pressure and temperature sensor and gas sensor, etc. , this is a research direction, as for can achieve depends on the development of science and technology in the future.

the temperature and humidity sensors, integrated temperature sensor module has integrated humidity sensor module, which makes it very convenient to use, no two sensors together so tedious, and the output signal is output together, greatly improve the working efficiency.

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