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The application of the temperature sensor in the laboratory

by:JVTIA     2021-01-06
Pt100 temperature sensor using a material or component physical properties related to the temperature, the temperature change is converted to electricity. PT100 temperature sensor application field is very wide, including PT100 temperature sensor in the lab, also has the certain application.

material resistivity changes over temperature phenomenon known as thermal resistance effect, general metal conductor resistance value increases with the rise of temperature. Thermal resistance is using ‐ the resistance temperature characteristic of the metal material made of temperature measuring element. The commonly used thermal resistance with copper resistance and platinum resistance.

the conductivity of the semiconductor is carrier conductive, so its resistivity is very large. As temperatures rise, most of the semiconductor carrier number increase, conductivity, resistivity is reduced. This type of semiconductor resistance significantly reduced with the rise of temperature. Thermistor is to use the resistance with the temperature of the semiconductor significantly change the characteristics of heat sensitive components. It is made of some metal oxides according to different formula ratio of sintering. In a certain temperature range, according to the changes of the thermistor resistance, the temperature change of the analyte that is.

the semiconductor PN junction diode or semiconductor triode, under positive bias, the approximate linear junction voltage with temperature changes. Advantages of the PN junction voltage - Temperature characteristic, semiconductor diode or the collector and the base can be made of semiconductor triode sub PN junction temperature sensor, temperature measurement.

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