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The application of transformer oil temperature controller in cascade hydropower station

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Waterfall gully hydropower stations are usually in the middle reaches of dadu river, equipped with Francis hydroelectric generating set, mainly in the system plays a peaking and frequency modulation and emergency. Waterfalls with power plant unit capacity is big, and form a complete set of unit capacity of the main transformer capacity is very big. According to waterfall gully hydropower station, transportation condition, three-phase transformer is not adopted. To limit the shipping weight of the main transformer, reducing transformer field decorate, simplify the generator voltage large current from phase enclosed bus bar location, with double circle booster, modular three-phase main transformer. Temperature effect on the life of the transformer. For the pressure in the economic life of the insulating material, usually for 20 years. Whether the aging of insulation, insulation aging, mainly rely on the change of mechanical properties for judgment. Insulated wire if aging, color is darker, there will be cracks, embrittlement, etc. The higher the temperature, the insulation aging speed will be faster. The oil level of transformer temperature controller overload operation, usually don't exceed the standard provisions on transformer overload ability. Transformer in various environment temperature and under the conditions of use, within the scope of the permitted load, insulation aging can be in the acceptable range.
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