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The basic structure and installation method _ industrial thermocouple instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Industrial thermocouple through compression spring will thermocouple end of analyte and close to the surface, in order to improve the reliability and accuracy of measurement. It with digital display table etc, can be directly measured 0 ℃ - Temperature of 400 ℃ range. Compression spring stationary industrial thermocouple with soft extension of the compensating conductor, free bending, the advantages of small thermal response time, use convenient wait for a characteristic, suitable for plastics extrusion machine, light textile, food and other industries. Industrial thermocouple basic structure: the structure of the thermocouple is made up of protection tube, bolt, lock card set of installation, spring and thermocouple wires. Industrial thermocouple installation method: industrial thermocouple installation method, fixed installation in the object to be tested, first will be connected to tighten bolts on the object being measured, the thermocouple is clingy, object to be tested again tight set screw, the screw lock tight card sets.
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