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The cause of the thermowell rupture and the treatment method?

by:JVTIA     2022-01-18
It is inevitable that the thermocouple will rupture the casing during use, which will directly affect the reliable and safe operation. Investigate the rupture of the thermowell to find the cause. The main reasons for the thermowell rupture are as follows: 1. The thermowell is impacted by high-speed fluid, the load is too large, and the stress exceeds the limit, causing the thermowell to rupture; 2. The processing of the thermowell itself Defects, resulting in stress concentration, which is easy to cause the casing to break; 3. Excessive pipe vibration causes fatigue damage to the thermowell; 4. When fluid flows through the thermowell, it induces the thermowell to vibrate, that is, the thermowell The natural frequency and the fluid vortex shedding frequency resonate. This kind of resonance phenomenon will cause the thermowell to be damaged faster, leading to breakage. Based on the above several situations that easily lead to thermowell rupture, we conducted research and found that the following methods can reduce the occurrence of thermowell rupture. 1) Strictly control the insertion depth of the thermowell. As the insertion depth increases, the force of the protective sleeve increases quadratically. Therefore, when we measure temperature, we only need to insert the thermowell into the isothermal zone of the fluid, instead of inserting it into the center point of the pipe, which is beneficial to shorten the length of the cantilever of the thermometer bag and achieve the effect of reducing the amplitude of the end point. . 2) Optimally select the diameter of the thermowell under the condition of ensuring the necessary strength of the thermowell. Because when the diameter of the thermocouple sleeve increases, the force on the watch bag increases linearly, so when choosing the diameter of the watch bag, it is necessary to ensure the strength of the sleeve reasonably and to stagger the resonance danger zone as much as possible. 3) Change the cross-sectional shape and process the surface into a structural pattern so that the fluid does not produce vortex shedding. 4) Strictly control the quality of inspection and repair, check the material of the thermowell, and at the same time perform flaw detection to prevent the occurrence of abnormal accidents such as cracks and breaks in the weld joint. 5) When the system is put into operation, avoid the sudden full opening of the valve on the pipeline. At the moment when the valve is just put into operation, the thermowell will withstand a large unidirectional force. Therefore, when the system is just put into operation, the valve should be opened slowly to allow the system pressure to gradually rise and reduce the thermowell as much as possible. The pressure difference between the front and the back prevents the casing from breaking due to excessive unidirectional force.
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