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The characteristic of DS18B20 digital temperature thermocouple sensor is introduced

by:JVTIA     2020-11-12
Thermocouple sensor is a kind of commonly used detection device, is widely applied in multiple industries. Digital thermocouple sensor system is based on the traditional resistance strain type thermocouple sensor, combined with modern microelectronic technology, microcomputer technology integrated development of a new type of thermocouple sensor. What are the characteristics of digital thermocouple sensor? The following projects to detailed introduce for everybody.

digital thermocouple sensor is made up of analog thermocouple sensor ( Resistance strain type) And digital conversion module composed of two parts. Digital module by highly integrated electronic circuits, the use of SMT surface mount technology, mainly including amplifier, AD converter, microprocessor ( CPU) , memory, interface circuit, RS485) And digital temperature thermocouple sensors, etc.

digital thermocouple sensor features:

first, digital thermocouple sensor adopts integrated AD conversion circuit, digital signal transmission and digital filtering technology, thermocouple sensor signal transmission distance is far away, up to 1200 m, strong anti-jamming capability, digital thermocouple sensor analog signals in the transmission distance is very short, at the same time the thermocouple sensor shell Elastomer) Itself is a good shielding case, only the two characteristic had decided its anti-interference ability of advantage, to a great extent, improve the stability of thermocouple sensor.

in the second place, the secrecy good, once found will automatically take error alarm, guarantee the safety and accuracy of the data. Using analog truck scale of thermocouple sensor is installed thermocouple sensor is common, the condition of shouqin company around several analogue truck company almost all have been installed a thermocouple sensor, caused great economic losses. Due to its small volume and easy installation, so it is not easy to be found, on the measurement data security caused great hidden trouble.

third, because the digital thermocouple sensor has automatic collection and pretreatment, storage and memory function, and has the only tag, only more thermocouple sensor transmitte scale can check the status of each thermocouple sensor respectively, after convenient for fault diagnosis. Shouqin company now USES a digital production for daiwa company YCCA - thermocouple sensors Ⅱ- Type D, single thermocouple sensor bearing capacity is 50000 kg. Initially, shouqin company truck and rail weighbridge used for analog thermocouple sensors, equipment working condition is not stable, every time there is a problem which is difficult to judge a thermocouple sensor has a problem, can only be opened by junction box to check each thermocouple sensor signal, used deduction to check them one by one, take a long time to find there is a problem of thermocouple sensor.

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