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The characteristics of the thermocouple and use _ instrument installation

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Thermocouple characteristics outside the thermocouple protection tube using stainless steel, with high density in metallurgical grade magnesia oxide material insulation, so it has a strong pollution resistance and excellent mechanical strength, suitable for installation in harsh environment. Thermocouple are usually made of platinum thermocouple temperature component fixed equipment, installation and wiring equipment such as main parts, such as thermal response time, reduce the dynamic error; Small diameter, length is limited; High measuring accuracy; Import or thin film resistor components production, reliable and steady performance. Thermocouple installation and using thermocouples should avoid too close to or from the heating body installed on the stove, should try to install where no vibration or vibration is very small, at the same time to facilitate the construction and maintenance. Installation position should be kept vertical, but must be installed tilt at a velocity. Junction box out of the hole should be down. Thermocouple should be in accordance with the provisions, wiring, usually use three wire system. Connection wire insulation should be used ( Better is open) Copper wire, the cross-sectional area shall be 1 or more. 0 square millimeter, the resistance of the wire shall be according to the provisions of the display instrument.
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