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The Chinese name of the rhodium _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
Chinese name: rhodium elements use rhodium can be used to manufacture hydrogenation catalyst, thermocouple, platinum rhodium, etc, are often plated on the searchlight and mirror, also used as a gemstone of light polish and electric contact parts. Elements of auxiliary materials rhodium platinum group elements. Platinum group elements into elemental state is almost completely, highly dispersed in all kinds of ores, such as the original platinum ore, nickel sulfide copper ore, magnetite, etc. Platinum group elements are almost always exist together, forming a natural alloys. In the land of platinum group elements in the ore, usually with platinum as main ingredient, while the rest of the platinum group elements as content is smaller, must go through chemical analysis can be found. As a result of osmium, iridium, palladium, rhodium and ruthenium are with platinum ore, so they were found in the platinum ore residue after extracting platinum. Of them in addition to the platinum and palladium, not only the acid insoluble in common, and not soluble in water. Platinum is soluble in water, palladium is soluble in nitric acid. All platinum group elements tend to form the coordination compound is powerful. 1803 to 1804, found in wu ralston palladium soon, he will be natural platinum ore dissolved in the water, adding sodium hydroxide solution, neutralizing excess acid, adding ammonium chloride ( NH4Cl) Precipitation, make the platinum for platinum platinum chloride ( ( NH4) 2 [ PtCl4] ) Mercury, and add the cyanide, palladium deposition for cyanide palladium, filter to precipitation, hydrochloric acid is added to the filtrate, mercury removal of excess cyanide, and evaporation to dry, the solution of a dark red precipitation, analysis, which proved to be a kind of new metal salt and sodium chloride Na3RhCl6 · 18 h2o. Because of the new metal bright red roses, is named after the Greek rose rhodon it for rhodium ( Rhodium) As the Rh, the element symbol.
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