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The CIIE has become a world-class trading platform, and the charm of the Chinese market has amazed the world

The CIIE has become a world-class trading platform, and the charm of the Chinese market has amazed the world


The 6-day 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) drew to a close on Nov 10. Exhibition area of 360,000 square meters, 58 countries and 3 international organizations participated in the national exhibition, nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared in the enterprise exhibition, according to the annual turnover of 70.72 billion US dollars... A series of impressive statistics show the gratifying results of the CIIE, and once again impress the world with the potential and charm of the Chinese market, and witness once again China's courage and ability to further open up at a high level.

Despite the successful conclusion of the CIIE, China will not close its door to the outside world. It will only open even wider. China will continue to open its market and share opportunities with other countries.

Japan external trade organization officials recently said in an interview, benefit't fair "6 + 365 days" one-stop trading service platform, the current into the end of the expo, the agency will open 1000 square meters in the collection of Shanghai hongqiao booth, into the expo exhibition display, all the year round to help Japanese companies in China market to develop market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit sales and earnings of Japanese companies, including smes, and some are looking to expand exports to China. According to a survey conducted by the Japan External Trade Organization (Nippon) on the overseas business development of Japanese enterprises, 76.7% of Japanese enterprises intend to expand export, and 56.7% of them choose China as their first choice for export. In addition, the destination of cross-border e-commerce sales is China, accounting for 47.6%, topping the list. That suggests high demand for cross-border e-commerce for China's exports.

Not only Japanese companies, but also multinational companies around the world are more willing to export to China and invest in China.

According to the 2021 Business Confidence Survey released by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, 60 percent of Europe-funded enterprises will expand their operations in China, up 8 percentage points from last year. According to the latest survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in China, 81 percent of US companies expect positive revenue growth in China this year, and 66 percent of US companies plan to increase investment in China, up 5 and 3 percentage points respectively from 2020.

As the Italian daily Il Giornale said on its website, companies attending the CIIE are not only focusing on the achievements of the exhibition, but also on the opportunities offered by the Chinese market. It is estimated that China will import more than 22 trillion US dollars of goods in the next 10 years, the website said, believing that the world's most promising market will continue to stimulate innovation potential and bring great opportunities to the world economy and enterprises of all countries.

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