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The classification of the thermocouple temperature sensor _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Thermocouple temperature measuring principle, measuring the change in temperature is directly measured the change of the thermocouple resistance, therefore, thermocouple wire, and so on all kinds of wire resistance change will affect the temperature measurement. Thermocouple is by thermocouple elements, heat resistance wire, insulation materials, stainless steel casing combination solids, its diameter from phi 2 - general Phi is 8 mm, small phi is 0. 25 mm. Compared with the normal thermocouple, it has the following advantages: small volume, no internal air gap and thermal inertia, small measured value after small; Good mechanical properties and resistance to vibration and impact resistant; You can bend, easy to install; Long service life. Explosion-proof thermal resistance thermal resistance through the special structure of the explosion-proof junction box, the shell internal explosive mixed gas by influencing the spark or the explosion limit inside the arc junction box, won't make production field explosion. Explosion-proof thermocouple can be used in the Bla level - B3c zone temperature measuring explosion danger place.
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