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The common faults in the transformer oil temperature controller to work

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Side transformer oil temperature controller adopts the composite principle to carry on the design of temperature, suitable for temperature detection and control of transformer and other equipment, has a good protective performance, can work under outdoor conditions. Transformer oil surface temperature controller is mainly composed of elastic element, sensing tube, heat, temperature transmitter, digital temperature display. Transformer oil temperature controller is hangzhou bimetallic thermometer manufacturers instrument co. , LTD. , one of the main products, in addition to bimetal thermometer, winding thermometer, pressure type thermometer can cooperate to work together.
about the oil level of transformer temperature controller, winding thermometer, pressure type thermometer work common failure problems: 1, the dial pointer is not action and zero - back - - Within the capillary liquid leakage, the unrepairable fault for. 2, digital display abnormal: reverse polarity, transducer fault.
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