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The development of large miniature thermocouple sensor technology

by:JVTIA     2020-11-10
The thermocouple sensor manufacturers have begun to action of the human body detection is an important development goals. Because in addition to sports, may be applied to the detection technology to health care, medical and other important fields.
the United States company is testing the body movements of small thermocouple sensor technology leader, its advantage is the ability to achieve high precision detection, based on CMOS MEMS technology. Since May 2012, the company introduced a small chip manufacture service, make the external enterprise using the technology.
seiko epson is developing by small action of thermocouple sensor and a combination of independent software 'M - Tracer ', the purpose is to develop application in the field of sports. The company M xiaoping, head of the national health program planning and Marketing Department also said that the product is according to the characteristics of the 'testing the dynamic range of an order of magnitude higher than other companies' products'. M - Tracer in the use of the company is good at the crystal gyroscope technology experience.
stmicroelectronics will begin from March 1 to 2013 production in a single 32-bit MCU encapsulation integration are three axis acceleration sensor, gyroscope thermocouple sensor, thermocouple geomagnetic 'iNEMO' thermocouple sensor. The appearance of the product size is about 4 mm square. In addition to sports field, also took aim at the monitoring them action 'demand' in the field of health care (such as ST microelectronics simulation of MEMS products division action power MEMS products division minister sakata mori) 。

the simulator pieces published in May 2012, the largest is capable of detecting + 200 g of 3 axis acceleration thermocouple sensor 'ADXL377'. One of its purposes is motorsport, through the product is installed in the driver's headphones, detection of impact, so as to capture the traumatic brain injury risk in advance. Before this, plus or minus 200 g level acceleration thermocouple sensor is mainly single axle products. Analog devices industry & instrument care division of the thermocouple sensor department manager yong yu said well, 'after reaching 3 axis, impact testing each direction will become easier'.

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