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The development trend of PT100 temperature sensor in the future

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
Temperature sensor is a kind of the earliest development, the most widely used a sensor, in 1990 the market share of the temperature sensor is considerably more than the other sensors. Pt100 temperature sensor is the most commonly used one kind of temperature sensor type, engineering is mainly to introduce for everybody today pt100 temperature sensor in the future development trend.

since Galileo thermometer, people began to use of temperature measurement, but at that time still no real called temperature sensor. True temperature into electrical signals of sensors is invented by the German physicist game, later is the temperature sensor of thermocouple sensor really started. Fifty years later, the German Siemens invented the platinum resistance thermometer. With the support of semiconductor technology, the century including semiconductor thermocouple sensor is developed in a variety of temperature sensors. Correspondingly, according to the laws of the interaction between wave and material, successively developed acoustic temperature sensors, infrared sensor and microwave sensor.

the two different conductor material, if at some point are connected in a piece of, on the heating connection, at the site of the they don't heat potential difference will occur. The potential difference value associated with the temperature of the heating part of points, and it has to do two conductor material. This phenomenon can be found in a wide range of temperatures, if accurate measuring the potential difference, to measure the heating part of the environment temperature, can accurately know the temperature of the hot spots. Because it must have two different material of the conductor, so called 'thermocouple.

thermocouple is a kind of temperature sensor. Thermocouple sensor has its own advantages and defects, its sensitivity is lower, vulnerable to environmental interference, also easily affected by pre-amplifier temperature drift, is not suitable for measuring the temperature of the small change. The sensitivity of thermocouple temperature sensor has nothing to do with the material thickness, very fine material also can make the temperature sensor. Because the production of thermocouple metal materials has good ductility, the slight temperature measuring element has high response speed, can measure the process of rapid change. For general industrial application, in order to protect the temperature sensing element to avoid corrosion and wear and tear, always in the thick sheath, appearance looks stupid, for the temperature of the reaction is slow. When using thermocouple, must eliminate the effects of environmental temperature on the measurement. Some put the free end in constant temperature field, some use cold junction compensation to offset the impact. When the measurement point away from the instrument, also need to use compensation conductor.

temperature measurement is widely used, the temperature control is not only the production technique, some electronic products still need to measure their own temperature, such as computer to monitor the CPU temperature, the temperature of the motor controller to know power driver IC and so on. Temperature is often need to test parameters in practical applications, from steel manufacturing to semiconductor production, many industrial processes depend on temperature, the temperature sensor is a bridge between the application system with the real world. Digital is now gradually into the so-called digital temperature sensor to the temperature and humidity quantity, physical quantities by temperature, humidity sensor and the corresponding circuit into a convenient data acquisition equipment such as computer, PLC and intelligent instrument directly read digital sensors. So that people in different parts of the testing temperature, sensor digitization brings more convenient.

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