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The difference between bimetallic thermometer and platinum resistance thermometer

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Bimetallic thermometer, I believe everyone is understanding, is a kind of measuring instrument in the field of low temperature detection, has the characteristics of intuitive readings, strong and durable, so they are widely used in many fields and industries. But the platinum resistance thermometer, is the use of advanced laser welding technology and improve the assembly method is made and be become. So when use, bimetallic thermometer and what is the difference between the platinum resistance thermometer? 1, the working principle, bimetallic thermometer is the use of pressed together different pieces of metal heated by two different metal expansion coefficient leads to the principle of bending, the temperature change, the greater the bending are more serious, converts it into a pointer value is the thermometer. Platinum resistance thermometer is the use of metal platinum with the principle of temperature resistance is larger, and then through the electronic circuit into a readable value, has higher precision than bimetallic thermometer 2, characteristic: the bimetallic thermometer, a mercury-free harm, the advantages of convenient use, wide application range. Platinum resistance thermometer, has the advantages of temperature measurement accuracy and high accuracy, is one of the main interpolation instrument of international temperature scale. 3, the market outlook: bimetallic thermometer and the market foreground is extensive, can replace industrial glass liquid thermometer. Platinum resistance thermometer, outlook is not optimistic, there is replaced by the other thermocouple thermometer or infrared thermometer. More than believe you for the difference between bimetallic temperature and platinum resistance thermometer, had certain understanding, hope to help everyone after use.
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