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The difference between dial thermometer and digital thermometer

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
People in life taste every kind of food tastes best when a certain temperature, is a food thermometer according to the researchers, improve people's health and living standards developed a thermometer. The vast majority of European and American countries have appeared the kitchen food thermometer, used to accurately measure the best temperature of food, let you cook the most delicious food. The temperature of the food and the taste, the nutrition is closely linked. With the development of the society, food thermometer has had the very big enhancement, to ensure that their health and family: food thermometer is the only to ensure food safety temperature reached when cooking tools, food must be at the bottom of inner temperature safety temperature, to eliminate harmful bacteria, food the best taste and texture, make food taste better. Food thermometer to measure the temperature of the food, in order to correctly measure the internal temperature of cooking food, to ensure food is properly cooked, all food thermometer must correctly inserted to check all the food. We are the most commonly used digital thermometer and dial bimetallic thermometer. Use dial type temperature time, long handle should be upright or inclined into the thickest part of the food about two inches deep place, the insert don't meet bone or fat. Temperature measure in about 15 seconds, after being shown several stable readings. Thinner food, such as hamburger meat, chicken, pork meat, etc. , may require from the side insert. The depth of the probe of the thermometer inserted must achieve its sensing area length ( Typically 2 to 3 inches) To ensure the accuracy of reading. If measurement is the temperature of the chip food, such as broken burgers or boneless chicken breast meat, the side of the probe must be from food insert in place to ensure that the entire active area in the central part of the food. Digital thermometer is not only beneficial to pay attention to health, more intuitive and temperature. It took the form of digital temperature display for people. Digital thermometer long handle should be upright and oblique into the thickest part of the food within the central about 1/2 inch deep place, don't plugged into bone or fat. Temperature can be measured about five seconds. Digital thermometer is suitable for thin, hamburger meat, chicken breast, small pieces of meat or poultry. Note: the display immediately dial thermometer and digital thermometer were used to rapidly detect temperature, therefore should not be in food during cooking. These two thermometer simple, hygienic and easy to clean, convenient reading, easy to cook in the cooking process control temperature. Using a thermometer, must clean with warm water and detergent, and disinfection and dry; Guarantee food security to disinfect the thermometer, can put the probe in hot water ( At least 77 degrees Celsius or above) Within 6 seconds, or dip in with the alcohol cotton ball wipe clean, or with other appropriate disinfectant manufacturers recommend probe tip.
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