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The extension of the service life of the thermocouple method _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
Thermocouple is a kind of common measuring instruments in the field of many have certain applications, such as some industry, petroleum, electric power is applied in industries such as thermocouple. Thermocouple will happen in the process of using and some wear, the wear and tear can reduce the service life of the thermocouple, need to do to increase the service life of the thermocouple. The extension of the service life of the thermocouple method thermocouple compensating lead wires and cables involves some of the problems, we should be made on the various problems of different level, but some local explanation is not so clear, compensating wire and cable is mainly used for thermocouple thermoelectric emfs extended to secondary instrument or control room, main extension type has two kinds of different, first is expanded, followed by compensation type, so the high precision; Compensation type used with heat thermoelectric potential properties of electrode potential of materials, so the high precision is not expanded. We all know that thermocouple is a common temperature measuring element, it is through the temperature signal into a thermoelectric emfs, through the instrument into by measuring the temperature of the medium, the appearance of the different types of thermocouple products actually has a lot of difference, but the structure is almost the same, usually by the hot electrode, insulation sleeve to protect the main parts such as pipe and connection box, usually with digital display table, recording instrument and electronic regulator. Thermocouple is we compare the value of life, usually a better the life of the thermocouple is probably a year, if we can extend the service life of thermocouple and cycle, then the cost savings is a big help to us, in order to prolong the service life of thermocouple, we need to know what about the service life of the thermocouple and. Compared with prefabricated thermocouple, thermocouple has many advantages, but does not fabricated thermocouple life long service life. About this major and thermocouple accidentally create, more important is related to the outer tube material and thermocouple. At the time of purchase will be the choice of the appropriate thickness even silk, special material must choose good outer casing, if the environment as much as possible so as to prolong the service life of it. Above the extension of the service life of the thermocouple method has been introduced, in the future when using thermocouple can use the method of life extension, to reduce the wear and tear of thermocouple, not only can increase the use fixed number of year can also reduce the generation of fault, to improve the work efficiency also has a lot of benefits. Hope I can help to you.
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