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The fundamental laws of thermocouple _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
1, homogeneous conductor's law by the same kind of homogeneous material, A conductor or semiconductors) Welding on both ends of a closed loop, whatever how conductor cross section and the temperature distribution, will not produce contact potential, temperature potential phase offset, loop total potential is zero. 2, the law of conductor in the middle of the thermocouple loop access among conductor ( The third conductor) , as long as the middle temperature is the same on both ends of the conductor, the introduction of the center conductor has no effect on the thermocouple loop total potential, this is the law of conductor in the middle. 3, law of intermediate temperature thermocouple loop two contact ( Temperature T, T0) Between thermoelectric potential, equal to the thermocouple in the thermoelectric potential when temperature T, Tn and when the temperature of Tn, T0 algebra and thermoelectric potential. Tn said the middle temperature. 4, reference electrode's law is the law of people to research, attention, general production, use the link, do not know much about simple explanation is: made from high purity platinum wire standard electrode, assumes that the nickel chrome - Nickel chrome thermocouple is negative, respectively, and the standard electrode pairs, their value is equal to the sum of the nickel and chromium - The value of nickel and chromium.
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