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The installation of thermocouple protection tube, wire and fittings _ instrument and application field

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
A, the installation of thermocouple protection tube thermocouple protection tube must be adjusted to adapt to the specific working conditions. Even if the device adopts metal protection installation, but precious metals thermocouple must adopt ceramic tube for protection. If possible, under the high temperature protection tube should be installed vertically ( The hanging installation) Avoid the impact protection, in order to pass the bending deflection and thermocouple. If the scene of the specific conditions level must be used to install, you must provide the appropriate support for long protection tube. 2, 1, thermocouple wire and fittings in laying and connection extended response compensation wire, please pay attention to the positive connection of the thermocouple to indicate the positive terminal of the instrument. If you use the extension cord or compensation wire, please pay attention not to exchange across the conductor. To prevent error, is the cathode wires with a corresponding tag. 2, all connectors must be clean and tight. The corresponding positive and negative potential extreme child should have the same temperature. 3, compensation wire between thermocouple and indicating instruments should comply with the requirement for power system insulation wire ( VDE 0250) 。 In exceptional cases, to the provisions of the telecommunications system insulation wire ( VDE 0810) May apply. Third, thermocouple applications within the scope of the negative temperature, thermocouple in the low - temperature of 200 ° C. If the temperature over 1000 ° C, made of platinum/rhodium thermocouple should be used. The advantage of the thermocouple include: the & # 8226; High temperature range & # 8226; Quick response & # 8226; Compact design & # 8226; High vibration resistance & # 8226; Long term stability & # 8226; Robust design of thermocouple can be used for the following industries: the & # 8226; The chemical industry & # 8226; The pharmaceutical industry & # 8226; Power & # 8226; Mechanical engineering & # 8226; Food and beverage & # 8226; Mining & # 8226; Steel & # 8226; Ceramic and glass
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