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The integration of bimetallic thermometer calibration correctly

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Integration of bimetallic thermometer is the modern industrial field, the update products, scientific research institutes temperature measurement and control is necessary for collecting and distributing system, digital bus system.
1。 When used in explosive dangerous location, please pay attention to the explosion-proof marks and protection grade;
2。 Mechanical and electrical integration of bimetallic thermometer installation environment must be in - 20 - + 70 ℃, when ambient temperature is too high, SBWZ/R signal converter and display module can be installed separated from thermal resistance and thermocouple. Our factory is equipped with a separate transmitter special explosion-proof box installation.
3。 Please carefully check before power up the power of positive and negative polarity, not wrong, otherwise may cause unpredictable consequences.
4。 SBW signal converter module with epoxy potting curing, to strengthen its shock resistance performance, and well protected against dampness, anti-corrosion, moisture.
5。 Bimetallic thermometer used after six months need to check.
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