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The introduction of digital temperature sensor DS18B20

by:JVTIA     2021-01-11
In the traditional analog signal remote temperature measurement system, the need to be very good solve the problem of lead error compensation switch, multi-point measurement error and amplifying circuit zero drift error problems such as technical problems, to achieve high accuracy of measurement. Also general monitoring field of electromagnetic environment is very bad, all kinds of jamming signal is stronger, to simulate the temperature signal measurement error easily disturbed, affect measurement accuracy. Therefore, in the temperature measurement system, the use of strong anti-jamming capability of the new digital temperature sensor is the most effective solutions to solve these problems, a new digital temperature sensor DS18B20 are smaller, higher precision and wider applied voltage, the advantages of 1-wire bus, networking, in practice has obtained the good effect of temperature.
new 'line device DS18B20 smaller, voltage applied wider and more economical. The digital temperature sensor DS18B20 Dallas semiconductor companies in the United States is the world's first piece of support '1-wire bus interface temperature sensor, in its internal used in plate ( 在- - - - - - B0ARD) Patented technology. All sensors and conversion circuit integration within the form such as the integrated circuit of a triode. Unique 1-wire bus and the characteristic of economic, the user can easily form a sensor network, for the construction of measurement system is introduced into a completely new concept. Now, a new generation of DS18B20 smaller, more economical and more flexible. That you can give full play to the advantages of '1-wire bus'. The price of DS18B20 batch purchase only 10 yuan.

1, DS18B20, DS1822 '1-wire bus digital temperature sensor

as with DS1820, DS18B20 also supports' 1-wire bus interface, measuring temperature range for - 55 ° C to + 125 ° C, in - 10 ~ + 85 ° C range, accuracy of plus or minus 5 ° C. DS1822 poor precision of plus or minus 2 ° C. On-site temperature directly to '1-wire bus' way of digital transmission, and greatly improve the anti-interference of the system. Suitable for bad environment field temperature measurement, such as: environmental control, device, or process control, temperature measuring consumer electronics etc. Unlike previous generation products, new product support 3 v ~ 55 v voltage range, the system design more flexible and convenient. And a new generation of products is more cheaper, smaller.

2, DS18B20, the characteristics of DS1822

can DS18B20 procedures set the resolution of the 9 ~ 12, accuracy of plus or minus 5 ° C. Optional smaller encapsulation way, wider voltage scope. Resolution setting, and the user to set the alarm temperature in the block are stored in EEPROM, after power off still preserved. DS18B20 is the performance of a new generation of products of the best! Cost performance is very good! DS1822 compatible with DS18B20 software, is a simplified version of DS18B20. Omitted store user defined alarm temperature, block parameters in the EEPROM resolution, accuracy is lower for plus or minus 2 ° C, suitable for performance requirements is not high, the application of strict cost control, is economical products. After '1-wire bus' early products of DS1820 opened up a new concept of temperature sensor technology. DS18B20 and DS1822 voltage, features and packaging have more choice, let us can build a suitable for their own economic temperature measuring system.

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