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The oil level of transformer temperature controller function is introduced

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Transformer oil temperature controller is controlled by the temperature monitoring, signal processing, the output of three parts, the temperature controller can effectively control the temperature of the transformer, when met overtemperature transformer, transformer oil temperature controller, besides will alert at the same time also will automatically trip, cut off the influence of ultra high temperature, also avoided the burning of these packages winding line directly, guarantee the safe operation of transformer.

transformer oil temperature controller in manufacturing, requires both necessary instrument to control the oil temperature is long life and trouble-free and heavy load. It is suitable for installation at the top of the outdoor transformer for all-weather, whether it's hot weather or cold weather, no damage. All parts are by no rust or surface treated with anti-corrosion materials good mechanical measurement system to ensure the accuracy of measurement.
the oil level of transformer temperature controller is designed on the principle of composite temperature rise and special instrument transformer. Applicable to transformer and other equipment temperature detection and control. The instrument has good protection performance, can work under outdoor conditions, 4-6 group within the instrument is equipped with adjustable control switch, can be respectively used in transformer cooling system control and signal alarm and overtemperature tripping, etc. For the use of computer systems and secondary instrument, an unmanned station management.
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