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The oil level of transformer temperature controller is how to install

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Transformer insulation aging, is mainly due to the temperature, humidity, oxidation and oil decomposition caused by the influence of the degradation of the material. But the speed of aging is mainly decided by temperature, the higher the working temperature of the insulation, the faster the chemical reaction of, loss of mechanical strength and electrical strength of the insulation of the fast, insulation aging, the faster the transformer life is short. As a result, the temperature of transformer real-time acquisition, make its maintain within a certain range, to the life of the transformer has an important significance. For transformer structure is complex, the more, the factors which influence the safe operation of the makes on-line monitoring is very difficult. The oil level of transformer temperature controller measuring the temperature of the transformer, real-time understand the temperature of the transformer, the transformer can be adjust and control. So the oil level of transformer temperature controller is how to install? Today to share with you the problem of transformer oil under the surface temperature controller installed fall into three part bulb, headers, and capillary, users in the use process should strictly according to the following procedure. 1, package installation temperature before installation shall be installed in the hole filled with transformer oil, and then slowly insert the bulb and screw down the M27 x 2 installed connectors. M27 x 2 installation joint has a M18 x 1. 5 hollow bolt, its function is used to adjust the insert depth of bulb, correct installation methods are all shake out M18 x 1. 5 hollow bolt, winding on Φ 8 lead long tube packing user should adjust before fully tighten the hollow bolt insertion depth of the bulb, ensure the bulb can all be oil immersion. 2, headers to install the transformer oil temperature controller header should be taken before Ann for wiring and switch to set two work, specific steps are as follows: ( 1) First, open the lid, according to the wiring diagram request, two cable entry hole, temperature controller is used to switch the output, the cable is recommended to use KVA4 x 1. 5 control cable.
the oil level of transformer temperature controller switch modulated before they go out to the standard value, if users need change switch Settings, can be set in a control scale, rotating knobs directly, make the red lines on the knobs dial on the required temperature. Wiring and switch Settings, after work as-is tight lid. Installing a header, mounting bracket fixed to the transformer first, then the meter is fixed on the mounting bracket.
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