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The oil level of transformer temperature controller overload processing method

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
Transformer oil temperature controller is hangzhou bimetallic thermometer manufacturers instrument co. , LTD. , one of the main design and manufacture of instruments, our company mainly design related aspects of the temperature instrument, thermometer, can play a role in the industry, help detect temperature. Transformer oil temperature controller also is a kind of instrument industry to use more, it needs to have special attendant care, lest appear problem, need timely solve.
transformer overload? ( 1) Check whether the transformer of the load current is more than setting value; ( 2) After confirmation for load, immediately scheduling, reduce the load to the rating of the following, and allow the load regulation time in accordance with; ( 3) According to the over-current, over-voltage, patrol the oil level of transformer temperature controller project equipment.
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