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The oil level of transformer temperature controller structure

by:JVTIA     2021-01-19
BWY - 804 transformer oil surface temperature controller: the instrument is equipped with four groups of adjustable control switch, can be respectively used in transformer cooling system control and signal alarm. At the same time, can output and the temperature corresponding to ( 4-20) MA current signal and Pt100 platinum resistance, for the use of computer systems and secondary instrument. Component of transformer oil temperature controller: is mainly composed of elastic element, sensing tube, heat, temperature transmitter, digital temperature display.
by the elastic element, sensing tube and thermal components inside the sealing system of full of heat medium, when the measured temperature changes, the volume of heat medium inside the heat components changes, the volume increment by sensing the catheter to the instrument inside the elastic element, make it produce a corresponding displacement, the displacement of the measured temperature by the institutions can enlarge instructions, and to drive the micro switch, the figure, the output control signal to drive the cooling system, achieve the goal of control transformer temperature rise. Through embedded within a meter transducer, output ( 4-20) MA standard signal, the input computer system and the secondary instrument, an unmanned station management.
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