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The ozone power _ instrument are described

by:JVTIA     2020-10-28
The ozone power supply part is mainly produce the uv lamp need to high voltage power supply, at the same time produce circuit boards need to + 15 v dc. Uv lamp light control part mainly is to control the uv light lamp current in the range of constant allows, can automatically adjust the too high, too low, if not adjust a uv lamp to life, there is a red light on the panel lights, you should replace the uv lamp. Standard uv detection and sampling ultraviolet detection part is a key part,. Photoelectric sensor to ultraviolet light signal is converted into a voltage signal, and then the two operational amplifiers, signal amplification, gave LOG100 calculated after processing, the display output. Simulation of 0 ~ 20 ma with the size of ozone concentration is a linear relationship.
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