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The Package Deal : In the brave new world of marketing, milk comes in pouches, labels have thermometers and products will talk.

by:JVTIA     2020-10-27
Schlep who goes to the supermarket is usually considered to be just another ho-
Hum errands: spent 30 minutes cruising down the aisle before finding the shortest checkout line, comparing costs and throwing goods into the cart.
But some describe the trip in another way, called a visually strong stay in which the average shopper sees more than 30,000 items and has to go over and over again
This response is often not from the pain of demand, budget or hunger, but rather a split --
Second reaction to product packaging-
The goal of curtain manufacturers and marketers is to make functionality and irresistible.
Packaging has been a part of modern life for years, but has never been so important or complicated.
\"Packaging must be sold,\" said David lutenberg, editor of Packaging Technology and Engineering in Philadelphia.
Based on trade publications.
\"Fewer and fewer products are launching bigger products, so packaging and coupon promotion are becoming more and more important,\" added Thomas Hine . \", Design Columnist for Philadelphia Inquirer, author of the general package: the evolution and secret meanings of boxes, bottles, jars, tubes and other persuasive containers (
Small, Brown and Company, 1995).
It\'s not that average shoppers stop between produce and frozen food to think about it all.
Hine argued in the preface to his book: \"packaging knows people better than people understand packaging . \" The book traces the development of modern packaging.
Here, some input to the information gap: packages change frequently, but consumers may not notice it.
\"Most of the time, the reason you change the packaging is to attract new buyers without getting the average buyer to notice that you have changed the packaging,\" Hine said . \".
\"The result is that it becomes rather subtle.
Hine said: \"Campbell\'s soup has recently changed its packaging, for example, putting a picture of a bowl of soup on the jar, but maintaining the long-standing red label associated with the product by the customer.
Some manufacturers try to ensure that the difference is only the curtains when changing the packaging.
For example, the new Little Maid orange juice container says, \"New Look ---
The same great Minute Maid.
\"Other labels have tips on what consumers can expect.
Barq\'s Root Beer label suggests that longevity represents quality: \"the famous Old Tyme root beer/is good from 1898.
\"Other products seem to follow the predictable changes in packaging,\" says Hine.
Household Cleaners usually use very bold graphics and bright colors.
Hine said: \"What\'s happening is that as they get accepted more and more, the packaging becomes softer and the graphics are softer because they no longer try to prove anything.
\"In the past few years, the characters on the packaging have been very popular ---
For example, Campbell Soup children and pearlesbury dough boys.
\"Now, most of these characters are out,\" says Hine.
\"Some people actually play smaller roles and are moved to places that are not very prominent on the packaging.
In addition to seeking sales, packaging changes can be driven by many other forces.
The nutrition information now seen on the product is the result of the recent labeling regulation of the Food and Drug Administration.
Consumer opinion, the state of the economy and packaging industry also affects packaging.
Consumers think recyclable packaging is important.
In a survey, 85% of the 700 respondents said that recycling was extremely or more important, and Mary Ann Falkman, executive editor-in-chief, listed 1994 items of original packaging, a trade publication merged with Packaging Digest last year.
75% of respondents said they would recycle, Falkman said.
Bob heyzman, editor-in-chief of Packaging Digest, said that the trend of packaging also follows the trend of the economy.
\"Different features are going to ebb and flow,\" he said . \"
\"Now, people focus on convenience.
\"People are committed to getting value and quality,\" he said . \".
\"When they buy a larger size product, they may not use all the products at the same time.
\"Source restore \"--
Use lighter materials and more efficient packaging-
Experts say it is now a big buzzword and an industry --driven.
The pouch is a good example, Heitzman says, and now these containers are used to pack laundry detergent, coffee, cat food and other items.
Cheers and Tide detergent are available for £ 9. 5-
Pen bag.
Tide called it \"environment-Pak.
\"Cheer notes that its refill uses 80% less packaging than conventional detergent cartons.
\"Many of the pouch products are sold in Europe and Canada, where people are more receptive to the form of packaging,\" Heitzman said . \".
\"There is a lot of milk in Canada.
But experts predict the bag boom will also be popular here.
\"While it offers less packaging, it also costs less,\" Heitzman said . \".
People will accept environmental protection.
The save feature is the reason to buy the product, but not necessarily the only reason, he added.
Saving money is a successful combination with Earth.
Luttenberger of Packaging Technology and Engineering said other examples of \"reducing sources\" are lighter soda cans and thinner materials for folding cartons.
Heitzman said that it is also \"modified atmosphere packaging\" that is also popular \"---
Introduce inert gas in prepared salads, other produce and meat products to extend the shelf life for a few days and reduce the need for preservatives. Co-
Heitzman says the brand is another technology that is favored.
Cookie company may decide to use the well
The well-known candy bars are in the cookies and promote this fact on the packaging, attracting the old customers of the candy bars.
Heitzman says there has also been a change in private label packaging.
In the past, the manufacturers of private label products were simple, no. frills labels.
When buying these low
Consumers may see regular white labels with black prints.
Manufacturers are starting to become simple.
\"They are trying to give people the impression that they are saving on the packaging,\" Heitzman said . \".
But the general label and four-
Low color label.
The private label packaging looks more upscale today, Hertzman notes.
\"The quality of the private label industry has improved, and the packaging also reflects this.
\"So what is the next big thing in packaging? Smart packages.
\"You will see the interactive package,\" Luttenberger said . \" He predicted that many products would talk to us soon. (
If consumers think it\'s hard to get through the market now with a hungry, vulnerable child, just wait until Michael Jordan\'s voice tells young people how to make them athletes. )
There are already some corrugated boxes for transporting frozen foods that have temperature indicators that start if the optimal storage temperature drops before the food arrives at the grocery store.
Last year, Pillsbury introduced a compact shape suitable for most microwave ovens, including heating
When the syrup is completely heated, read the sensitive indication label for \"hot.
A representative of Pillsbury said it had not yet been sold in California.
Interactive dairy packaging can also become common, perhaps including an indicator that will alert consumers when milk is sour, Luttenberger said.
Soon, consumers may not have to narrow their eyes to read fat grams on the product, but rely on an interactive chip that, when pressed, assures them: \"Because you want to lose weight, so this product is low fat.
\"We want this package to be equipped with volume control.
Since the first Earth Day in 1970, environmental trends have become news of packaging.
Recently, editors from the United StatesS.
The packaging trade publication told the Flexible Packaging Association.
What do they think is the environmental logo in the package.
In their votes: in bags, replace bottles, boxes and jars with bags and bags.
Coffee is now packed in \"Brick bags\" and some soup is filled in bags instead of cans.
It is very convenient.
If the consumer does not use the product at a time, the packaging with \"recyclability\" can keep the product fresh.
Lose weight on the weight and volume of the packaging material.
Plastic grocery bags are 70% thinner than 20 years ago, and plastic water bottles are 25% lighter.
A new idea is to develop new protective properties in packaging materials that allow food that has deteriorated in the past to remain fresh for longer periods of time.
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