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The principle and parameters of industrial bimetallic thermometer

by:JVTIA     2020-11-26
Industrial bimetallic thermometer in their daily lives are already know, but for some of the principle of the bimetallic thermometer and the basic parameters of some people is not very understanding, in order to deepen people's understanding of industrial bimetal thermometer, to review again below: industrial bimetallic thermometer with rod of glass liquid thermometer USES a similar, but the application in the machine premise for higher strength. Industrial bimetallic thermometer is used two differentia other metal contraction difference during temperature change under the condition of work. In order to measure the sensitivity of the thermometer, the pieces should be metal spiral coil shape. When multi-layer metal temperature changes, the layers of metal contraction or compression quantity, makes the spiral coil rolled up or let go. Because one end of the spiral coil is firm and the other end with a can move the pointer to the connected, therefore, when the temperature of the bimetallic strip touch changes, Pointers can be on a circular dividing scale had put out temperature. Industrial bimetallic thermometer measured WenFanChou is - 50 ~ 550 ℃, you promised to deviation are the scale range is 1%. This thermometer with a bar of glass liquid thermometer USES a similar, but can be used in the machine under the premise of higher intensity request. Parameters to perform dimension JB/T8803 - 矿用隔爆型防护罩按gb3836 - 1998 Dial 83 nominal diameter: 60100150 precision grade: ( 1. 0) 1. 5 hot echo time: & le; 40 s protection grade: IP55 Angle adjust deviation: Angle adjust deviation should not go beyond the range of 1. 0% return difference: the bimetallic thermometer return difference should be not less than the ultimate repeatability: the relative deviation of bimetallic thermometer repeatability limit category shall be not less than the ultimate deviation limit is more than 1/2 important technique parameters of relative industrial principle and parameters of the bimetallic thermometer introduction, hope everyone in the use of industrial thermometer have a better understanding.
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