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The principle of PT100 platinum resistance _ instrument

by:JVTIA     2020-10-29
PT100 platinum resistance is to use the material when the temperature changes, its resistance also along with the change of characteristics to measure temperature. When the resistance changes, digital display showing a resistance of the temperature. PT100 platinum resistance is a kind of temperature sensor, it is smaller than the diameter of a prefabricated thermocouple, flexible, good vibration resistance, suitable for installation in the case of prefabricated thermocouple can't install, WZPK series platinum resistance adopts introduce thermocouple temperature measuring element, therefore, is accurate, sensitive, quick thermal response time, stable quality, long service life, etc. PT100 platinum resistance protective mining have stainless steel, full of high-density oxide material inside insulation, therefore, thermocouple strong pollution resistance and mechanical strength, suitable for installation in harsh environment. PT100 platinum resistance are usually made of platinum thermocouple temperature sensing element, install fixtures and wiring devices, such as main parts, such as thermal response time, reduce the dynamic error; Small diameter, length is not restricted; High measuring accuracy; Imported film resistance element, performance stable and reliable; The normal temperature insulation resistance; Thermocouple in the ambient temperature for 15 - 35 ° c, relative humidity is not more than 80%, the test voltage for 10 - 100v( Dc) Electrode and the outer casing of the insulation resistance between > 100 m Ω. Thermocouple temperature sensing element resistance at 100 ℃ ( r100中) And it is in 0 ℃ when the resistance ratio (r0 r100中/ r0) A grade dividing pt100: r0 = 100 + 0. 06 Ω b r0 = 100 + 0. 12Ωr0 / r100中= 1。 3850 thermocouple should avoid installed beside the stove or distance heat body too close, should try to install where no vibration or vibration is very small, at the same time to facilitate the construction and maintenance. Installation position should be kept vertical, but must be installed tilt at a velocity. Junction box out of the hole should be down. Thermocouple should be in accordance with the provisions, wiring, usually use three wire system. Connect wires should be insulated ( Better is open) Copper wire, the cross-sectional area shall be 1 or more. 0 square millimeter, the resistance of the wire shall be according to the provisions of the display instrument. By thermal inertia thermocouple lags behind temperature changes, to eliminate the error due to its, should as far as possible to reduce the thermocouple protection tube diameter, increasing thermocouple insertion depth increase thermocouple heated parts. Always check the protection tube, immediate measures should be taken to find the oxidation or deformation, check regularly.
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