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The principle of thermal resistance

by:JVTIA     2022-04-05
Temperature measuring thermal resistance is a kind of temperature detector in medium and low temperature area, which is often used. It is characterized by high measurement accuracy and stable performance. Among them, platinum heat has high resistance measurement accuracy, which can not only be used for industrial temperature measurement, but also can be widely used by standard reference meters. 1. The temperature measurement principle and material of the temperature measurement thermal resistance The temperature measurement is carried out according to the characteristic that the resistance value of the metal conductor increases with the increase of temperature. Most of the thermal resistances are made of pure metal materials, and now platinum and copper are mostly used. In addition, materials such as median, nickel, manganese, and rhodium are now used to manufacture thermal resistances. 2. Structure of thermal resistance (1) Proficient thermal resistance The thermal resistance temperature sensing element (thermal resistance) commonly used in the industry is known according to the temperature measurement principle of the temperature measuring thermal resistance, and the change of the measured temperature is directly measured according to the change of the resistance value of the temperature measuring thermal resistance. Variations in the resistance of various wires, etc., can affect temperature measurements. In order to eliminate the influence of lead resistance, a three-wire or four-wire type is used. (2) Sheath thermal resistance Sheath thermal resistance is a solid body composed of temperature sensing element (thermal resistance), lead wire, insulating material, and stainless steel sleeve. Its outer diameter is generally 2~8φmm, and the smallest can reach φmm . Compared with ordinary thermoelectric resistors, it has the advantages of small size, no air gap inside, and small measurement delay in thermal inertia. Good mechanical properties, vibration resistance, impact resistance, easy to bend, easy installation and long life. (3) End-face thermal resistance The end-face thermal resistance temperature sensing element is wound with a specially treated resistance wire and is in close contact with the end face of the thermometer. Its structure is shown in Figure 2-1-8. Compared with the general axial thermal resistance, it can reflect the actual temperature of the measured end face more accurately and quickly, and is suitable for measuring the end face temperature of metals and other workpieces. (4) Pressure-resistant explosion-proof thermal resistance The explosion-proof thermal resistance through the special structure of the terminal box, the explosion of the explosive gas mixture inside the shell affected by sparks and arcs is limited to the terminal box, in the production site No super explosion will occur. Pressure-resistant explosion-proof thermal resistance can be used for temperature measurement in places with explosion hazard in Bla~B3c level areas. 3. The structure of the temperature measuring thermal resistance system The temperature measuring thermal resistance system is generally composed of thermal resistance, connecting wires, displays, etc. The following two points must be paid attention to. (1) The graduation numbers of the temperature measuring thermal resistance and the indicator must be the same. (2) In order to eliminate the influence of the resistance change of the connecting wire, it is necessary to adopt the three-wire bonding method.
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